Jan Scholten

5.8 Ruthenium

‘Head of personnel’

Ruthenium is an unknown remedy.

The name is derived from the Latin word ‘ruthania’, which means ‘Russia’. It was discovered in 1844.
Ruthenium is very hard, durable, corrosion resistant and brittle. It is used in nibs for fountain pens and in electrical points. Alloyed with platinum it increases the overall hardness. Just like Palladium it has a strong affinity to Hydrogen.


Stage 8 Silver series

Perseverance Creation Inspiration
Carrying on Ideas Culture
Forcing Unique admiration
Heavy Pressure Aesthetics: Beautiful Ugly
Resistance Opposition Art Science Mysticism
Calculating Queen Ambition
Concentration Humiliation
Middle age
Town Province
Voice hearing
Mysticism Priest

Forcing yourself to present your ideas.
Forcing your ideas on others: convincing.
Forcing works of art.
Writing a blockbuster.
A persuasive spokesman.
A forceful spokesman, teacher.
Having to achieve as an artist.
The mediator who is under pressure: the head of the personnel department.
The pressure of a promotion.
The pressure of a creation.
Art is a struggle.
Opposition against creations.
Planning a work of art.
Failure through forcing the creative flow.
A minister who is being opposed.
A heavy religious task.
Forced sex.
A persevering sportsman, -woman.
Picture of Ruthenium metallicum
Essence: forcing yourself to present your ideas.

Forcing yourself to present your ideas
They feel that they have to force themselves to present their ideas. It is a heavy task and there is much work to be done. They feel the pressure, but they have to carry on to get the job done. A daily struggle to master a piece of music. A tremendous effort to write their book. A heavy task to get their Ph. D. research project under way. But somehow they find the strength to persevere, they are very independent and resolute in their ways.

Forcing your ideas onto others: convincing
They are terribly enthusiastic about their profession, whether it is art or science or politics or spirituality. They exude an air of knowing how to do things, all they have to do is convince others. They like to convince others that thy are right, that their ideas should be accepted. They are not to be deterred by objections or irrelevant details.
In Holland we have a comedian who perfectly fits this picture. He carries on with his act with a dead pan face while the whole audience is collapsing with laughter.

Opposition against creations
They experience their inspiration as a form of pressure, something which can only be realised by a lot of hard work. The pressure is in the creative process itself, but they tend to experience their surroundings as an opposing force as well. The pressure they have created inside themselves gets projected onto others who are felt to be uncooperative. Other people are jealous and hinder their artistic talents. Other people hamper their creative work. The little tasks of every day life get in the way, they act as a brake instead of a point of focus. They want to have plenty of time, space and money to concentrate on their creations without being interrupted.
They tend to get very angry when things don’t go according to plan. Adverse comments drive them mad, they can’t bear criticism because it feels like opposition and they need all the strength they have got to persevere with their project.

Planning a work of art
In order to be able to cope with the large amounts of work they like to plan their days ahead. Learning the lines of a play requires endless repetition.
But inspiration can’t be planned and the schedules they have constructed often don’t work out, so they are always busy drawing up a new plan.

Failure through forcing their creations
When their plans don’t work out they collapse into a worn out and apathetic state. They have forced themselves too much, not taking enough rest and finally breaking down under the pressure. The smallest task now seems like an impossible ordeal, the most minor detail a tremendous source of irritation. They are a failure and they no longer have the courage to appear in public. Every form of company is too much for them and they withdraw into themselves.

A persevering sportsman, - woman
This is the top sportsman who has to train hard to get to the top. The extreme training schedule may break him up eventually, before he can reach his goal.
Fears: heights, narrow spaces, planes, teaching, performances, speeches.
Dreams: heights, falling, deformed babies because of a forced delivery, light.
Irritability: < humiliation.
Mood: stubborn, independent, haughty, crying.
Speech: halting, stuttering.
Hobbies: art, music, poetry, philosophy.
Needs: clearing up, restoring things, undertaking a task, refined erotic.
Professions: artist, painter, writer, musician, teacher, scientist, doctor, priest, vicar, bishop, shaman, governor, secretary, representative, public relations officer, advertising agent, top sportsman or woman, personnel manager.
Causes: disaster, humiliation.

Locality: left.
Weather: cold, cold feet, < cold (2), < damp (2), > outside.
Time: < 11 am; < September.
Desires: meat, fatty meat, gravy, sweet, shrimps, alcohol, raw food, chocolate, smoking.
Aversion: spices.
Food: < spices.
Menses: profuse.
Sleep: sleepy.
Physical: < pressure, > working.

Weakness. Bruised pains, itching.
Headache in forehead, temples and vertex.
Eye problems, disturbance in vision.
Ear ache with swollen glands in front of and behind ears. Feeling as if mandibular joints are affected, dislocation, left, < pressure.
Colds with watery coryza. Sore throats.
Voice problems, hoarseness, loss of voice, stammering.
Lung problems: pressure on lungs, always aware of lungs; bronchitis, cough < after waking.
Problems of genitalia, testes, ovaries.
Cancer of prostate, cancer of testes or ovaries. Retention of urine.
Neck problems, Whiplash [being hit, Stage 8, in the neck, Silver series], < turning head. Arm problems, stiffness. Arthritis of distal joints of fingers. Mandibular joint painful, gets dislocated << yawning, eating. Sciatica. Feeling as if foot turn down, torn ligament in front ankle.
DD: Silver series, Stage 8.
DD Technetium: has more space to practice, can play about with his creations, can handle criticism. Ruthenium has the feeling he has to create, he is under great pressure to perform, there is no time for other pursuits and criticism is felt as opposition to his plans which makes him very angry.