Jan Scholten

6.1 Caesium

‘Don Quichotte’

Caesium is a hitherto unknown remedy. It can’t be potentised in its metallic form, because it is highly reactive with water.

The name is derived from the word ‘caesius’, meaning sky blue. The salts give off a blue flame when oxidised. It was discovered in 1860, its chemical symbol is Cs.
Caesium is a soft, light metal with a golden yellow sheen. It is highly reactive and melts at 28 degrees Celsius. It is used in vacuum tubes, atomic clocks, photo-electric cells, scintillation counters and in the glass industry.


Stage 1 Gold series

Initiative Impulse Leadership Management
Instinctive Spontaneous Organisation Structure
One Simple Responsible
Lonely Alone Serious Heavy
Stubborn Selfish King
Narrow minded Power Dictatorial
Ill considered Dignified Haughty
Naive Alone isolation
Not taken seriously Failure Offended
Quitting Religion Sexuality
Ripe old age
Eyes Vision

Handling impulsively as if you have power.
Initiating projects: pioneer.
A newcomer in search of power.
Spontaneous leadership.
A naive king.
Displaying dictatorial behaviour without reflection.
A king without inner reflection.
Uncontrolled leadership.
Naive projects: castles in the air.
Not taken seriously as a leader.
A stubborn, narrow minded leader.
Starting all sorts of projects.
A foolish director.
Failure through lack of thought.
Impulsive sexual behaviour.
Picture of Caesium metallicum
Essence: Initiating projects: the pioneer.

Initiating projects
They like to start up all sorts of projects. They have so many plans, as soon as one of them has been realised they start on the next one.

Spontaneous leadership
They immediately become president of every club or society. Taking on the leadership is natural to them. When they go to a new place the other people there will feel within five minutes that they have just got a new chairman. They are the newcomers in search of power, they like to have their plans carried out within the shortest possible time.

Uncontrolled leadership
But they often don’t think properly about their plans beforehand. They feel they simply have to go ahead and take charge of things. It should be sufficient that they are the way they are, they don’t bother to reflect on what they are saying, or the way they take on the leadership. They tend not to listen to other people’s opinions, they stubbornly carry on with what they had in mind, regardless of whether it is a good idea or not.

Failure through thoughtlessness
Because they never stop to think about what they are doing things tend to go wrong. When you lead a large organisation it is essential that you should consider every move very carefully. You can’t let fate take its course. They are like a foolish director who thinks that the organisation will automatically take care of itself.
Eventually people realise what is going on and don’t bother to listen to them anymore. They don’t take him seriously anymore, they don’t bother to discuss matters with him anymore, they just let him do his own thing.

Fears: heights, falling, murder, death, suicide, heart disease, stroke, insanity, people, crowds, religious, devil, God.
Dreams: heights, falling.
Delusions: superior, alone; mania.
Mood: haughty.
Irritability: < offence.
Mental: absent minded, confused, rigid, mad.
Professions: king, leader, director, manager, president, captain, lord mayor, bishop, top sportsman or woman.
Causes: disasters, humiliation, insult.

Locality: right sided.
Weather: cold; > open air; < gloomy, < dry.
Time: < night.
Desires: alcohol, narcotics, bread, sweet, meat, cold water.
Food: < narcotics, > eating, < fasting.
menses: < menses, < pregnancy, < labour.
Sleep: sleeplessness.
Physical: < rest, < sitting, < lying, > walking, > motion; < dark, > pressure, > rubbing, < touch.

Weakness, nervousness, restlessness.
Pains: boring, contracting.
Sensations; swollen, blown up, heavy, full.
Glands swollen, inflamed, indurated. Abscesses, necrosis.
Paralysis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis. Epilepsy, tonic, clonic, tetanic.
No feeling.
Headache. Face swollen. Trembling< anger.
Eye complaints: inflammations, disturbance in vision.
Heart complaints: high blood pressure, infarction, failure.
Pulse: too fast, too slow, full, weak, irregular.
Congestion of blood. Cerebral haemorrhage. Anaemia.
Complaints of ovaries and testes: inflammations, cancer, cryptorchism, sterility, amenorrhoea, metrorrhagia.
Bone affections: necrosis, inflammation.
DD: Gold series, Stage 1.
DD Xenon: is still quietly content within himself. Doesn’t need to display his power. Caesium feels he has to follow his impulse to exercise power. They have lots of good ideas concerning the general welfare of society and they feel they must put them into action.