Jan Scholten

4.15.1 Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is one of the best known remedies in homeopathy. There is not that much difference between Arsenicum album and the Arsenicum metallicum, except that Arsenicum album tends to display more of the victim behaviour [Oxidatum]. They have a feeling of being abused [Oxidatum] and a fear of disease and death [Oxidatum].


Arsenicum Oxidatum

Redundancy Egotism
Bailiff Claiming
Thieves Indignant
Avarice Abused
Fastidious Victim
Alone Lazy
Restless Corruption
Decay Begging Tramp

Indignant about redundancy.
Redundancy means having to beg.
A victim of thieves.
Restlessly demanding attention.
Indignant about burglary.
Corrupt bailiffs.
Selfish greed.
A lonely beggar.

Picture of Arsenicum album
Essence: indignant about redundancy.

Indignant about redundancy
They feel very indignant about the fact that the end of their career, or the end of their studies is in sight. They feel abused, they have always done their best and now they are about to be cast aside like a piece of rubbish. They don’t know how they will manage and are afraid of being reduced to the miserable existence of a beggar.

A victim of thieves
It is unfair that their possessions and their job are being taken away from them. Robbers are coming along to take way everything they have built up over the years. They consider themselves a victim of circumstances and are very indignant about it all. They tend to get angry with anybody who demands any form of financial contribution.

Precision prevents corruption
By being very precise and meticulous their work they hope to prevent further losses. This way they hope to undo the declaration of bankruptcy, to prove it was unjust. If this doesn’t work they may even try to bribe the officials to hold of the approaching bankruptcy.
In the area of health they try to be extremely hygienic to avoid infections of any sort.

Selfish greed
They live in constant fear of not getting enough, always afraid that someone will try to steal things from them. So they try to hold on to what they have got, to keep something for a rainy day. When they buy something they feel as if they have won it. And they can only spend money if they think it will be to their advantage.
By saving and collecting things they hope to accumulate a pension for later on. It is hard for them to throw something away. Occasionally we may see an extreme form of this avaricious type of behaviour.

Restlessly demanding attention
When the end seems inevitable they want to have someone with them all the time. They feel offended and indignant and they want others to support them and tell them that it was unfair that they lost everything. The moment they are alone they get confronted by the feeling that the end is in sight and nothing can be done about it, that is why they want to have someone near them all the time.

A lonely beggar
When everything has been lost they may decide to spend the rest of their days as a beggar. They try to retain their self-respect by accepting their losses in a dignified manner. Even if they have lost their position in society, they’ll show the world they can bear their life as a tramp with dignity.

Fears: disease, infection, health, cancer, heart disease, death, alone (3), others, thieves (3!), burglars, poison, murder, expectations, failure, criticism, opposition, observed, anticipation, constriction, others; easily frightened.
Dreams: futile efforts, paralysis, thieves, burglars.
Delusions: worms, animals, death, falling, thieves, mistakes, crime, ghosts, violent, delirious.
Irritability: < mistakes, < contradiction, < insult.
Mental: critical.
Mood: complaining, gloomy, crying, suicidal.
Causes: loss of work, loss of money, burglary.

Type: brown hair, thin.
Locality: right.
Weather: cold (3), > heat (3).
Time: < 1 am (3), periodical, every 2 or 3 weeks.
Desires: sour, vinegar, fruit, lemon, refreshing, mustard, spices, milk, coffee, warm food, fat; drink in small sips.
Aversion: fat, meat.
Food: < melon, sour, fruit, strawberries, ice-cream, alcohol, spoilt food.
Sleep: restless, sleeplessness; on the back with hands folded under head.

Weakness, emaciation.
Pains are burning, > heat (3).
Cancer. Leukemia. Sepsis. Fevers, malaria.
Headache left sided, radiating to eye and ear, < stooping, < lying down. Vertigo.
Eye infections, pain in eyes < light, redness.
Colds; hayfever, watery, acrid coryza; sneezing.
Asthma, lung emphysema, hydrothorax.
Anaemia (3).
Stomach problems. Nausea with vomiting, small quantities. Diabetes.
Diarrhoea in small quantities, frequent, stinking, cramps; cholera.
Skin dirty, dry; eczema, red, scaling, dry, psoriasis; thickness of skin on palms and soles; hair loss, nails deformed.
Skin cancer. Keratosis of soles of feet.
DD: Carbon series, Iron series, Stage 15 and 16, Aconite, Allium sativa, Belladonna, Carbo vegetabilis, Cedron, China, Cuprum, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Sulphur, Veratrum.