Jan Scholten


Viruses are half living organisms, consisting of DNA or RNA and an envelope. They live on hosts, parasiting cells to make them reproductive for the virus. Viruses cannot reproduce on their own.

Viruses are difficult to place ion an taxonomy. they can parasite on all creatures from Bacteria to Plants and Animals.
Here they are treated as part of the Kingdom of Bacteria. The reason for that is that viruses have developed together with the Bacteria, long before the other Kingdoms originated.
They are placed in Series 7, the Uranium series. This is dome because of their parasitic quality.

Virusgroup 1: DNA viruses, double stranded.
Virusgroup 2: DNA viruses, single stranded.
Virusgroup 3: dsRNA viruses, double stranded.
Virusgroup 4: RNA viruses, single stranded.
Virusgroup 5: RNA viruses, single stranded.
Virusgroup 6: RNA viruses, single stranded, -RT.
Virusgroup 7: DNA viruses, double stranded, -RT.

My system, my body is not okay. My body is sick.
Me versus you on a cellular level.
Beyond death; be alive if within.
Virus: needs our DNA or RNA.