Jan Scholten


They feel being taken advantage of, abused. They cannot enjoy life out of fear that everything will be taken away from them. They feel they have to work hard and do a lot for others in order to have their share. This is more so when they feel they are no good, they do not deserve things. They feel like the black sheep because their father has left them unattended. They try to make things good by doing a lot for others, but they tend to stay the victim by attracting other victims who need more.
On the other hand they feel responsible for their family, parents, addicted partner, siblings, children and victims. They can endure very much, the unavoidable, blindly going on, endlessly. They feel it is without question that they have to help the family. So they will not show their feelings of being treated unfairly.

Difficulty combining relationships and freedom.
Relations: unripe love, from fear and dependency; bitter.
Contradictory, < being limited.
Parents domineering, unreliable, manipulating.
Childish pride, aversion to listening to the opinion of others.
Excitement, cheerfulness.
Creativity and independence.
Sex desire high, << celibacy.
Delusion: carousel turning faster and faster; untouched nature.

Sensation: gnawing; being eaten by little bites; heavy, swelling, fullness, oppression, pulsation.
Sensation: light < coition.

Head: headache, pressing, heavy.
Lungs: infections; asthma; breathing heavy, difficult; whooping cough.
Heart: hypertension; palpitations, beats strongly.
Stomach: pain, vomiting bile.
Female: uterine movements retarded.
Back: neck stiff, tense, heavy, cramping, obstinate.