Jan Scholten

3-655.42.00 Toddalioideae

The main theme is the need to be perfect, they do not allow themselves to fail. They have to control themselves all the time. This is often the consequence of a father who had high expectations of them. The idea of failure, not being beautiful or perfect is unbearable. They feel easily embarrassed if they show their weakness.
They hide their weakness. They have an aversion to complaining or lamenting. They see that as an expression of weakness and failing. They fear to be ridiculed or belittled. They deny weakness, fatigue, telling themselves to go on and do not complain or lament. They overexert themselves.
They have the tendency to work hard. This is because they feel responsible and because they have a tendency to adapt.

Pride, high self-image but cannot fulfill their expectations.
Ailments from humiliation, abuse, embarrassment.

Sensation: squeezed, wrenched, twisted, twisting, tight.
Sweat: copious.
Physical: > stretching; <- tight clothes.