Jan Scholten

DD: Oxygen; Aluminium; Sulphur; Silver series; Anacardiaceae; Euphorbiaceae; Ericaceae; Primulaceae.

Thymelaeaceae are a family in Malvales in the Apg3 classification. Thymelaeaceae and Neuradaceae are early diverging lineages of Malvales. Thymelaeaceae have been placed in Myrtales in the past.
In this Plant theory Thymelaeaceae are included in Huerteales in Phase 2 and placed in Subphase 6. Aquilariaceae are split off from Thymelaeaceae. Thymelaeaceae have strong qualities of Phase 6, Oxygen and Sulphur.

The circumscription of genera in Thymelaeaceae has always been especially difficult.
The following classification is used at the moment:
1. Octolepidoidae, = Gonostyloideae.
1. 1 Octolepis group: Arnhemia, Deltairia, Lethedon, Octolepis, Solmsia.
1. 2 Gonystylus group: Aetoxylon, Amyxa, Gonystylus.
2. Thymelaeoideae.
2. 1 Synandrodaphneae: Synandrodaphne.
2. 2 Aquilarieae: Aquilaria, Gyrinops.
2. 3 Daphneae.
2. 3. 1 Linostoma group: Craterosiphon, Dicranolepis, Enkleia, Jedda, Linostoma, Lophostoma, Synaptolepis.
2. 3. 2 Phaleria group: Phaleria, Peddiea.
2. 3. 3 Daphne group: Daphne, Daphnopsis, Diarthron, Dirca, Edgeworthia, Funifera, Goodallia, Lagetta, Ovidia, Rhamnoneuron, Schoenobiblus, Stellera, Thymelaea, Wikstroemia.
2. 3. 4 Gnidia group: Dais, Drapetes, Gnidia, Kelleria, Lachnaea, Passerina, Pimelea, Struthiola.
Incertae sedis: Linodendron, Stephanodaphne, Lasiadenia.