Jan Scholten

Names: Camelliaceae.
Genera: 7 genera; 40 species; Apterosperma, Camellia, Dankia, Eurya, Franklinia, Gordonia, Laplacea, Polyspora, Pyrenaria, Schima, Stewartia, Tutcheria.
Botany: shrubs and trees; simple, serrated, glossy, alternate leaves, toothed margins; flowers pink or white, large and showy, strong scent, five-merous; 20-100+ stamen; pseudopollen; ovary often hairy and narrows gradually into the style, branched or cleft; carpels opposite the petals; fruits are loculicidal capsules, indehiscent baccate fruits or sometimes pomes; seeds sometimes winged.

In the Apg3 classification Theaceae is a Family in Ericales. In older taxonomies Theaceae gave the name to the Order Theales, which had different Families depending on the classification. Some botanists include the family Ternstroemiaceae within the Theaceae.
In the Plant theory Theaceae is placed in Phase 5 of the Ericales, in Subphase 3.