Jan Scholten

In the Apg3 classification the families Styracaceae are included in a broad Order Ericales. That Order is a combination of formerly separate Orders like Theales, Ericales, Primulales, Ebenales and other families.
In the Plant theory Ericales is upgraded to the level of Subclass and the old Orders are recognised as Orders in Ericidae. Styracales is an Order in Ericidae and is placed in Phase 5.
The information about Styracales is very limited. There is only information of the Family Styracaceae and that is very limited. The placement in Subphases is tentative, as most members are unknown in homeopathy.

1. Symplocaceae.
2. Diapensiaceae.
3. Theacaeae
4. Styracaceae: Silverbell family.
7. Mitrastemonaceae.

Symplocaceae: 1 genus, Symplocos; ± 250 species; Asia, Australia, Americas.
Diapensiaceae: 5 genera; 12 species; Berneuxia, Galax and Pyxidanthera, Shortia were formerly separated as the genus Schizocodon and some authors still recognize Schizocodon soldanelloides under that name. Diplarche, was included in the family but is now regarded as a member of Ericaceae.