Jan Scholten


Keeping the dirt to themselves.
They must hold the dirty and ugly side of themselves and their family inside. They feel it is not good for others see the bad side of them. The saying is “Do not hang your dirty linen outside”. It’s forbidden to speak negatively about the family.
The “black” side cannot be seen, but is expressed in the black spots before their eyes.
Secretive, aversion to speak about themselves, their family.

This makes them silent, taciturn, they have an aversion to speaking. They do not open themselves to others easily; they only do when they are treated in a special and trusted way. This leads to a physical sensation of a lump or mucus in the throat and bronchi. They have difficulty in getting it out of their throat and mouth. It leads to barking and coughing, which is aggravated by talking. Chewing can also aggravate the cough and asthma because it shows the “animal” side of man.
The reservation for bodily functions is also expressed in problems with stool, urination and menses. All create aggravations of the complaint. Everything is kept in, especially when it’s not nice and beautiful. The opposite is there too: involuntary stool and urination, enuresis.
The symptoms are often internal, not expressed on the outside.
The hiding is also expressed in the aggravation in the open air, which is too open for them.

Mild, no anger
In general they are mild people. Emotions and especially anger are not expressed because it shows their vulnerability and will indicate to others that they have a sensitive spot. Their suppressed anger results in liver problems. The liver is not functioning well; the digestion is problematic leading to fullness, distension and gas in the abdomen with belching and flatus. The liver can be congested, hard, indurated and there can be portal stasis and can cause gall stones and gall colic. D. D. Magnesia-salts.

Their anger is not expressed but it does not mean they do not have it. They are often very critical and have very strong moral standards. So they assume that others will have the same standards and will criticise them when they and their family are revealed.

They are strongly family oriented. Family secrets especially cannot be revealed. Their anger is usually suppressed in front of people outside the family; inside the family, they can express themselves well.
Family can also be a sect or a convent. It’s the group that they feel they belong to.
They like to have a warm bond with family and friends.

Living the life of the family
Family duty can be very strong. It can be so strong that they feel they cannot live their own life. They feel they have to follow the family, the family traditions, the family company or the family care. Then they cannot be themselves anymore and they cannot talk about it because that would be a shame on the family.
They can feel that everyone in the group are parasites.

They are very sensitive people, often have high education and come from a “good” family. They are intelligent and see many little details. They are sensitive to being insulted. They are sensitive to noise and pain.

Cheated by emotions.
Mental: active, memory good, realistic.
Mental low: dull, prostration, confusion, concentration difficult, memory difficult.
Mood good: mirth, cheerful.
Mood bad: sad, morose, sighing.
Activity: restless, indolence.
Fear: future, disease, death.

Sensation: unconnected.
Weather: < open air.
Localisation: left.
Food: < food, < water.
Physical: < stool, < urination.
Sleep: sleepy.

Head: headache, temples, with diminished vision.
Eyes: myopia, cataract; vision diminished, foggy, black spots, colours.
Throat: tickling, itching, lump, mucus, scraping; voice hoarse.
Lungs: bronchitis; cough, dry, hollow, loud, < talking, < inspiration, < chewing, < laughing, < scraping, < rising, > motion.
Heart: pain, arrhythmia, failure.
Stomach: full; belching bitter, sour; nausea, vomiting.
Abdomen: pain, full, distended, rumbling, flatus; liver congestion, portal stasis, full, hard, sensitive < touch.
Rectum: haemorrhoids; stool hard, knotty, pasty, soft, slimy, watery; scanty, copious; yellow, offensive.
Female: menses late, profuse, scanty.
Skin: yellow, jaundice.