Jan Scholten

DD: Carbon series; Silver series.

The order of the Saxifragales has long been recognised as an order. The main members have been Saxifragaceae and Crassulaceae. The others have been shifted quite a lot.
The placement of this order is in dispute. It is in the Core Eudicotyledons and has been associated with the Rosidae, seen as basal Rosidae, or basal Asteridae. The Saxifragales are placed at the beginning of the Eudicots, one of the first Core Eudicots. It is sometimes seen as one of the basal Rosidae Orders.
In the Plant theory Saxifragales is placed in Malvanae. Patients from this group have strong Silver series qualities. They have come from higher class and noble families and have difficulty giving that up and to give it a place in their life. Saxifragales fits quite well in the Carbon series of the Malvanae, being a combination of Carbon series and Silver series.
Saxifragales are little known in homeopathy. The best known remedy is Hamamelis virginiana.

1. Paeoniaceae, Peridiscaceae: they feel an outsider, having no position in society.
2. Iteaceae, Pterostemonaceae: they will feel too shy and timid to do something with their desire to belong to higher classes.
3. Penthoraceae, Aphanopetalaceae, Tetracarpaeaceae: they have to please others to get respect.
4. Hamamelidaceae, including Altingiaceae, Cercidiphyllaceae, Daphniphyllaceae: they feel entitled to respect from others.
5. Crassulaceae: they try to get respect with their enthusiasm and passion.
6. Saxifragaceae: they will be semi-accepted in high social classes.
7. Cynomoriaceae: they will feel an outcast, having lost their high social position and self esteem.