Jan Scholten

French: Santalacees.
DD: Phase 7, Chlorine, Fluorine; Carbon series; Silicon series; Iron series, Silver series.

The placement of the Santalales is still in dispute. This is the case in many groups that are reduced in expression, like parasites, carnivorous and water plants. In the Apg3 the order has been placed near the Caryophyllales, at the start of the Asteridae.
There are however arguments to place them with the Malvidae, as they seem to have in common the Silver series aspect and lack the Lanthanide aspect.
The division in families is still in dispute. Viscum has been placed in Loranthaceae, in its own family Viscaeae and lately in Santalaceae.
Schoepfiaceae has usually been assigned to Olacaceae or Santalaceae but is more closely related to the families Misodendraceae and Loranthaceae.
The division in Subphases is tentative, due to the discussion in taxonomy and the lack of knowledge in homeopathy.

1. Erythropalaceae; they feel that they have to get a place in the system but will never succeed.
2. Loranthaceae, Misodendraceae, Schoepfiaceae: dependent, want to have a place, fighting or overwhelmed.
3. Viscaceae: confused about their place, < being expelled.
4. Santalaceae, Eremolepidaceae: behave as if they are belonging, even when abusing others.
5. Opiliaceae: expanding their use of others, showing great.
6. Olacaceae, Octoknemaceae: outcast.
7. Balanophoraceae: outcast, beggars coming from a rich family.