Jan Scholten

Botany: flowers 4 merous; curved embryo; endosperm ± lacking; vestured pits in vessels.

In the Apg3 classification Bataceae, Koeberliniaceae and Salvadoraceae are Families in the Order Brassicales. The are closely related.
Salvadoraceae: genera Azima, Dobera, Salvadora; 12 species; Africa, Madagascar, South East Asia; hot, dry areas; formerly placed in Celastrales.
Bataceae: genus Batis; coastal salt marshes; warm temperate and tropical America.
Koeberliniaceae: 1 species Koeberlinia spinosa; South-western United States and northern Mexico; tangling straight stems which branch many times; long, sharp spine; leaves rudimentary, tiny deciduous scales; abundant white to greenish-white flowers; fruits are shiny black berries; desert.
In the Plant theory Bataceae, Koeberliniaceae and Salvadoraceae are treated in the same way as in the Apg3 classification and placed together in Subphase 7.