Jan Scholten


The main theme is the need to be perfect, they do not allow themselves to fail. This puts them under constant pressure. They have to control themselves all the time. This is often the consequence of a father who had high expectations of them. The idea of failure, not being beautiful or perfect is unbearable. They feel easily embarrassed if they show their weakness.
They often have to take the responsibility for their family alone. Their husband is often absent, lazy or just thinks that he as a man does not have to do routine household work, that he is more for the creative and artistic aspects of life.
A prominent quality is that they do not allow themselves to complain. Lamenting, complaining, whining and nagging is terrible behaviour. They cannot endure it or tolerate it, not from themselves and not from others. It is a naïve way to keep up appearances, to have a constant show and performance of being perfect. They must display that nothing is wrong with them, that they have everything under control and that they are in perfect order. Being single means that lamenting is of no use.

Complaining or lamenting is especially an expression of weakness and failing. So they will not show that. And when they feel weak they want to stay alone, so that no-one will see it and start ridiculing or belittling them. So they go on, trying to reach their goal as hard as they can. They deny weakness, fatigue, telling themselves to go on and do not complain or lament. They overexert themselves, squeeze themselves dry. From this comes the sensation of being squeezed, all their power is squeezed out of them, till the last drop. The feeling of being squeezed is also expressed as wrenching, wringing, wrapped, tight, confined, constricted. They feel held in too small a space. So they feel better when they take more space, when they stretch themselves.

Hard work, industrious
They have the tendency to work hard, to be busy all the time. They want to achieve, as in the Iron series. They always do something. Citrus vulgaris is very extreme in his work drive. The habit to start the day with a glass of orange juice is typical for our work culture. It gives the strength to start the day fresh. They often endure a lot of hardships.

Their drive to work hard and lack of reflection makes it easy for others to abuse them. They can endure the abuse for a long time as they have so much energy. We can see in this a parallel with the large amount of antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids in these plants. The anti-oxidants prevent the abuse and corrosion by oxygen, Finally, they come in a totally exhausted state, as a "squeezed lemon".

They have difficult relationships, often being imbalanced or absent. Or they allow themselves to be being abused in their relationship, without really realising it.

Pride, high self-image but cannot fulfil their expectations.
Ailments from humiliation, abuse, embarrassment, laughed at, ridiculed, belittled.
Idea not being able to fulfil their father’s expectations.
Active, busy, industrious, restless.
Mind active, thinking fast.
Thoughtless confusion.
Impulsive, not reflecting, just doing; doing things for others, forgetting their own interests.
Not complaining, not lamenting, otherwise you are a fool out of control.
Desire to do things themselves, not asking for help because things “just have to be done”.
Aversion company when failing, > alone, not seen in failure, > hiding, < exposure.
Doing everything herself, never ask help.
Salvation Army, Major Boshardt or General Booth.
Gestures: biting lower lip, pulling hair.
Excitable; motions quick, brusque, performed with uncontrollable zeal; hurry.
Eccentricity, extravagance, jesting.
Cheerful, mirth, vivacious.
Embittered, hatred, morose.
Aversion: lamenting, complaining, showing weakness.
Tell their story with a smile, not weeping.
Aversion having no control, being a fool.
Confusion of identity, body parts expanded, light, divided.
Delusion: being used, abused; being deceived, poisoned; done wrong; neglected his duty; arrested; crime; being criminal; pursued; decline, she is going into; die; disabled; body parts, head divided; falling to pieces; poisoned.
Fear: decay, disease; death; becoming haughty from praise.
Dream: body, parts in pieces; robbers; murdered; scalped; hiding deep under the bushes, not wanting to be seen.

Sensation: squeezed, wrenched, twisted, twisting, tight, constricted, compressed, pressed, knot, vice, crushing.
Sweat: copious.
Physical: > stretching; <- tight clothes.

General: scurvy; hyperaemia, inflammation.
Eyes: vision diminished, < looking, > looking aside of objects; accomodation problems.
Face: biting on lower lip.
Mouth: bleeding gums; crack corners of mouth.
Lungs: asthma, breathless < tight clothes.
Abdomen: rumbling, flatus; liver problems.
Urinary: bloody urine.
Female: dysmenorrhoea; abortion.
Rectum: diarrhoea.
Limbs: connective tissue problems, scurvy.
Skin: inelastic, striae, wounds not healing; wrinkles.

DD Iron series: both are working hard but the Rutaceae have the theme of not complaining, just going on.
DD Brassicaceae (= Cruciferae) are also against scurvy and contain much ascorbic acid but they suffer more, life is more a burden. The Rutaceae work and strive more.
DD Burseraceae: Olibanum, Myrrh.
DD Coca, going on, < high demands on themselves.
DD Ailanthus quassia.