Jan Scholten


They feel part of a family and a village, or at least they feel they have a right to be part of the groups. They want to give their share in the whole, but they also want to be loved and respected by all.
They feel that it is okay to do what is necessary, but then others must love them for it. It happens easily that one gets sucked into all the responsibilities of running a family. The initial love relationship can easily get overshadowed by jobs, household, care and love for the children, taking them to school, their clubs and helping them with homework. It can happen that there is no time left for one’s spouse, for intimacy, love and sex. And when all the work is done, both are too tired for it or fear that the children or others will intervene or hear them when they make love.

Work, money, business
They have a strong drive to make money, to have a good business that earns enough. They want to have enough to make a good living with the family and have enough to buy the necessary things for the house, the children, a car, clothes and good food.

Family, home
They work hard for their family, making enough money to taking care of their children and family. They want to have a loving family, where everyone feels happy and can flourish. They like to have harmony, so that everyone in the family feels good and respected.

Desire to dress beautifully, to be attractive and loveable.
Feeling of shame and guilt for what they have done wrong or that they have not done what should.
Anger, rage, fury, held in or expressed, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, degraded.
Sad, depression, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Apathy, indifference from having the feeling that one’s goals cannot be reached.


Silicon x Iron
I understood that the aspects of Iron are important, but from the description and the remedies, especially the Rosaceae, the emphasis should not be in the Silicon series?
The description of Rosales is somewhat old, based very much on Rosaceae. In the past the relationship aspect of the Rosaceae was prominent and the Iron series aspect was undervalued. Relationships have a Silicon series aspect in the sense of the relationship as such. Relationships also have a Ferrum series aspect in the sense of running a family, the companions running the business of a family, house, household and income.