Jan Scholten


They have a problem with their mother. She is absent, or too occupied with work, household, friends, husband or her own diseases and problems. She can be an alcoholic. She has too little time to give love, caresses, attention, talks, hugs or protection. Their desire to feel their mother, touch her, feel her heart beat is not fulfilled. This can give them a very lonely feeling, a deep inner sadness which is there in the background, a feeling as if they could cry all the time.
On the other hand; their mother is too present, domineering, pushing them in the direction she thinks is necessary.

Love relations are very important for them. They are extroverts and want to have a good time with their husband or wife. They are good lovers as they are sensual and seductive, like Don Juan. They are very loving and can give a lot, but they also expect a lot back from their spouse, sometimes too much. Often their partner cannot fulfill their expectations and then they get disappointed. They can leave their loved ones which can be experienced by their partner as a betrayal.

They are very competitive, strive for success, want to be the best and have the best things. They want to be powerful, independent and able to live their own lives and protect themselves. They can hide their weakness and vulnerability behind an image of power, but they can also be very powerful. They can do and achieve a lot. They want to show their best side so that they will be appreciated and loved. They like to have the best things, the best car, the biggest and most beautiful house, beautiful clothes that are in style. They like to impress people, but they also have good taste, they like beauty, elegance and style. They are refined and like talking about wellness, beauty, cosmetics and clothes. They like an easy life which they can enjoy to the fullest.

Internally there is a strong desire for joy and fun. They want to explore the world, discover the beauty and wonders of the world. They can be very enthusiastic, boasting and laughing even with tears. They can feel like a child jumping around. They are very emotional and passionate. They are essentially very soft, sweet and loving.
They are open, powerful, flexible and happy. They have a strong desire to be loved, accepted and respected. They like to laugh, sing, dance and relax.

With their expansive nature they can easily dominate others. This can create hatred, envy and jealousy in others; who can then be out for revenge. This can come to them as a surprise because in principle they have good intentions. They can be attacked, stabbed, experience violence, cruelty, inhumanity, nastiness, and uncivilised criminal actions. They can be attacked because they did something bad to a group of people, as a kind of punishment, honour and revenge. Love relationships can be so passionate that a betrayal leads to violence.

The basic sensation is being crushed. It starts with expansion, distension. This family is famous for the retention of water: oedema, ascites, general oedema, hydrocephalus and hydrothorax. Later the expansion will be crushed to pieces and made small again. It is often expressed as cramping or constricting because it has the aspect of too much in a small space. Others expressions are fullness, heaviness and pressure: it is too much.

Restlessness, desire to move about, impatient, hurry, desire to run away.
Euphoria, cheerful, exuberance, enthusiasm.
Energy: tired, sleepy, lying, bored.
Soft, velvet, satin, comfortable, gentle, careful.
Dutiful, responsible, forceful, concentrated, concerned, devoted, dedication, serious.
Concentration difficult, confusion, foggy, dull, dreamy, lost in thoughts.
Mistakes, difficult to find words, misunderstanding, mistakes with language, numbers, time.
Mind clear, open, receptive, concentrated, contemplating, relaxed.
Alone, lonely, sad; desire to be together, talk about personal matters, sharing emotions and objects.
Desire to be alone, aversion company, no communication, unconnected, untouched, undisturbed.
Anger, insulting, with quick repentance; <<< left alone, disrespected, unloved.
Sensual, erotic, loving, lascivious, adulterous.
Fear: disease, death.
Desire water, sea, swimming.

Fighting with siblings for a husband.
Fighting with mother for a husband.

Sensation: crushing, crushed!!; cramping, distention, explosion.
Type: sanguine.
Weather: cold.
Sweat: copious, cold.
Sleep: tired, sleepy alternating awake.
Physical: desire motion, > stretching, > massage, > stroking, < lifting, < exertion.

Energy: exhaustion, pulling me down, tired, sighing.
Vertigo: dizzy, foggy.
Head: stitches in left horn of occiput and behind the ear, numb behind forehead.
Eyes: tearing pain, blinking, pressure behind eye.
Mouth: taste bitter, bubbles, contracting gums.
Throat: lumps, hawking and scraping frequent.
Lungs: sighing, hyperventilation, breathing is heavy, oppression in chest; desire for deep breathing; pulmonary hypertension.
Heart: !!; stitching pains, extending left arm; septum defects, hypertension.
Stomach: tightening, nausea, belching; vomiting.
Abdomen: contracting; ascites; liver problems, portal congestion, cirrhosis.
Urinary: kidney problems.
Limbs: pain, stitching, right wrist, left arm, arthritis; cramps in underarm, finger, calves, back > stretching.
Skin: cuts, burns, bruises; itching, pricking, burning, like needles, alopecia.