Jan Scholten

Botany: the main order at the start of the Eudicots, the Dicotyledons.

To the order of the Ranunculales also belong the small families Circaeasteraceae with only Circaeaster, Eupteleaceae with only Euptelea and Lardizabalaceae with 8 genera. They are unknown in homeopathy. The Lardizabalaceae are very similar to the Menispermaceae.
In the Plant theory Ranunculales is the only Order in the Subclass of Ranunculidae.

1. ? Eupteleaceae: Euptelea.
2. ? Lardizabalaceae: Akebia, Archakebia, Boquila, Decaisnea, Holboellia, Lardizabala, Sargentodoxa, Sinofranchetia, Stauntonia.
3. Ranunculaceae: they feel weak, needing support in a raw world.
4. Berberidaceae: they feel like protectors of the family, in a dangerous environment.
5. Menispermaceae: they feel limited in their belief systems, want to break out of them.
6. Fumariaceae: they feel used and abused by the village, standing aside.
7. Papaveraceae: they feel like outcasts, powerless, slaves.