Jan Scholten


They feel that the world is raw. It is too harsh and insensitive to other people. They therefore seek guidance from others, they seek protection and comfort.
There is a conflict between their childish and weak personality that needs comfort and protection on the one hand and the desire to be someone in the community on the other hand. They want to be seen as successful and strong but can easily be brought out of balance by shocks, unexpected threats or being criticised. It is the conflict between the child and the adult in them. He has to be able to rely completely on himself at one hand but feels alone in the world and has to survive all the dangers and problems.
They can easily suppress their emotions and sexuality in order to fulfil the rules of the community and to be accepted. But the suppression is usually not very perfect, leading to emotional outbursts, hysterical and attention-seeking behaviour.

They have a tendency to cling to other, mostly their parents. They need support, as if they cannot survive in the world alone. They can hold onto partners, teachers, managers, colleagues and whoever is available. As adults this theme can be so strong in them that they behave childishly. They can be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Ailments from mortification, humiliation, indignation, insult, vexation; chagrin, anger, grief.
Ailments from diseases, accidents of relatives; fights, emotions, excitement; disappointed love.
From an overcrowded family, having no own personality.
Feeling abandoned, forsaken.
Mood swings, alternating, changeable; emotional, weepy; hysterical, restless.
Lack of constancy, changeable, wandering, in emotions, speech, actions.
Need for company, attention, comfort, consolation, protection.
Mild, sympathetic, affectionate, yielding, coquettish, hanging on, flatterer.
Sensitive, oversensitive, sentimental; impressionable, < emotions, excitement, trifles.
Overwhelmed, helpless, by the world, emotions, charging.
Difficulty concentrating; dull; prostration; memory weak; stupefaction.
Desire to be home; homesick.
Anger, destructive, insulting, immoral, irritable.
Sad; as in heavy black clouds; suicidal by drowning.
Energy: weak, soft, yielding, childish, alone, forsaken.
Anxious, <<< fright, shock.
Delusion: being doomed; bad; thrown out of paradise; ghosts; being poisoned; < away from home.
Fear: death, disease, suffocation; pregnancy, parturition; faint, insanity.
Fear: evil, misfortune, animals, dangers, violence, ghost; shadow.
Fear: alone; crowd, train, public, strangers; narrow place.
Colours: yellow, red.

Sensation: raw, aching, burning.
Weather: < weather changes; < dry.

Energy: weak.
Vertigo < rising, < open air.
Eyes: lachrymation.
Lungs: asthma.
Skin: eruptions: blister, vesicle, herpes.