Jan Scholten


Qjure is a website, an encyclopedia for homeopathy. Central are the classification of Minerals and Plants and in the future Bacteria and Animals.
Cllick on Qjure to see more of this article and look further in the theories.

The website is open for everyone. It can be used by patients to look up the remedies prescribed for them. Or they can search for remedies applicable for their complaints.

Homeopathy prescribers
Homeopathic prescribers can use this website to follow the new developments in the Plant theory and other ones. By becoming a member one can also search the cases and provings. One can also give comments.

Element theory
The Element theory describes the Series and Stages of the Periodic system of elements and its meanings in health and disease.

Plant theory
The Plant theory does the same for the Plant kingdom; it uses the same Series and Stages and added to that Phases and Subphases.