Jan Scholten

633.42.00 Poaceae
English: grasses.
Dutch: grassen.
Culture: grass eaters are herd animals.
Content: Calcium; Chromium; Silicon; oxalates; melatonin; gluten.

In the Apg3 classification Poaceae is a member of Poales.
In the Plant theory Poales is split into 3 groups: Cyperaceae, Poaceae and Bromeliaceae. Poaceae, with 700 genera, are Subphase 2 of the Commelinoids. Poaceae is treated as one family together with 6 other families of Poales, as shown below. They form a monophyletic clade within Poales as defined in the Apg3 classification.

Poaceae: 700 genera
Anarthriaceae: Anarthria, Hopkinsia, Lyginia.
Centrolepidaceae: Aphelia, Centrolepis, Gaimardia.
Ecdeiocoleaceae: Ecdeiocolea, Georgeantha.
Flagellariaceae: Flagellaria.
Joinvilleaceae: Joinvillea.
Restionaceae: Alexgeorgea, Anthochortus, Apodasmia, Askidiosperma, Baloskion, Calopsis, Calorophus, Cannomois, Catacolea, Ceratocaryum, Chaetanthus, Chondropetalum, Chordifex, Coleocarya, Cytogonidium, Dapsilanthus, Desmocladus, Dielsia, Dovea, Elegia, Empodisma, Eurychorda, Harperia, Hydrophilus, Hypodiscus, Hypolaena, Ischyrolepis, Kulinia, Lepidobolus, Leptocarpus, Lepyrodia, Loxocarya, Mastersiella, Meeboldina, Melanostachya, Nevillea, Onychosepalum, Platycaulos, Platychorda, Restio, Rhodocoma, Sporadanthus, Staberoha, Stenotalis, Taraxis, Thamnochortus, Tremulina, Tyrbastes, Willdenowia, Winifredia.

Poaceae is a peculiar family. It is one of the biggest and most ubiquitous families but it is very little used in homeopathy. This might arise from the fact that homeopaths are attracted to the strange, rare and peculiar, to the weird, toxic and dangerous. In contrast, the Poaceae are dull, bland and boring. On top of that they are not the kind of people who go to homeopaths very much, as they are generally quite healthy and attracted to normal things, and regular medicine. They are more straightforward, like farmers, living a healthy life in the countryside.
They have a strong idea that relationships are fixed. They are very loyal. They cannot imagine a relationship would end, certainly not a marriage. A break-up in the family is something to avoid at all times.
They feel that each person in the marriage has to support the family, and the marriage, and that is what they do. They can get into the situation where they are the only one investing in the relationship. The other person can often profit from it. It may be that they are taking care of their parents or they care of their husband to an extreme degree, without limits. This can lead to discord in the marriage with the feeling that they have to fight for it all the time.
They are very shy, timid. They can also be a bit dry, lacking enthusiasm, interest or curiosity. This family is very much the cornerstone of society, bland, basic, daily bread, rather than the spice of life. They can be seen as similar to Calcium silicatum, a very basic building compound for stones, to build houses. It is non toxic and strong.

Group: They want to belong to a group. So they want to be the same as the others and do whatever is required to be accepted. They want to do things together as they feel that when people are together they are stronger. They have the tendency to put the interest of the group above their own interest, cooperating, doing their part for the group goal. That can give a conflict in situations where something is vital to them.

Normal: They want to be normal, standard. They live with the saying “Being normal is already weird enough”. They do not want to stand out in any way, they do not want to think that they are special, or that someone else is special. They do not want be an exception and be outcast.

Bland, boring: Everything is so controlled that nothing special ever happens. Things become emotionless, boring routines. It is like the endless chewing of grass by cows, chewing the cud through life. The daily bread, tasteless but needed to survive. It is going along with the herd, co-existing peacefully together. Everything is stable, a steady daily routine. Emotions only run high during the mating season; generally even sex is routine, a duty that has to be done and that is best over and done with as soon as possible without any emotional excess. The extreme of this is artificial insemination.
The escape from this kind of life is alcohol. Alcohol brings out all the suppressed emotions. Most alcohols are brewed from grasses, like beer and whiskey from barley, Hordeum vulgare.

Desire to be normal, to follow the rules and norms.
Aversion to people who think they are special.
Desire to be part of a group, to have acquaintances, club membership.
Cooperating with others in a common goal, purpose.
Fear that individual interest will harm the common purpose.
Cheerful. Ridiculous.
Memory difficult.
Dream: journey, murder; quarrels; urinating.

Sensation: pricking, stitching, lancinating, raw, crawling, burning.
Weather: > warmth, < changes of weather, < storm, < wind, < rain.
Desire: alcohol; alcoholism.
Physical: > lying.

Nose: hayfever.
Face: acne.
Throat: inflammation.
Urinary: cystitis; kidney problems.
Male: prostatis.
Back: ! problems; pain, lumbago; sciatica; scoliosis; kyphosis; Scheuermans disease.
Limbs: arthritis of hands, fingers and feet.