Jan Scholten

7.1 Plutonium nitricum

Sherr has done a proving with Plutonium nitricum (will be published shortly) in which several themes came up clearly to give us a good overall picture of this remedy.
Plutonium is one of the Actinides, the elements which come after Actinium, the third element in the Uranium series. The Actinides are very similar to Actinium, just as the Lanthanides are very similar to Lanthanum, the third element in the Gold series. We can therefore probably apply the concepts of Stage 3 to the Actinides, and also to Plutonium.


Plutonium is named after Pluto, the God of the underworld, the world of ghosts and spirits. The Greek name for Pluto was Hades. The element was discovered in 1930 and its chemical symbol is Pu.
It is a silvery metal which has 6 different crystalline forms. It is rather reactive and oxidises when exposed to air, forming the yellow coloured plutoniumoxide.
It is also radioactive and the main isotope has a half life of 24360 years. It is usually manufactured artificially in nuclear reactors. It is mainly used to make atom bombs.

Picture of Plutonium nitricum

The first theme is that of pre history. There are dreams about the neolithic era and about Neanderthal people. It is all about primitive instincts, male aggression and sex.

Linked to this is the theme of genetics and the feelings of all our forefathers from time immemorial. The sins of the family are felt deep within, as if they have been passed on endlessly, from one generation to another. This is also connected to all genetical deviations and the formation of the DNA. They can have dreams about half animals-half humans, the upper half being like a dog, the lower half being a fish. They dream about creatures that emerge from the water and then disappear down into the water again. We might associate these with mythological figures like mermaids or centaurs. But it also reminds us of the possible results of genetic manipulation.

Magic Out of body experiences
The theme of magic is very strong in this remedy. They are searching for a sacred stone. There were tantric experiences like being penetrated by a giant penis, right up to the crown of your head.
It is as if they stand above the world. They are very tall, with long arms. They also leave their body very easily. In their dreams they are watching from above, they don’t participate in the dream initially, they are just observing what is happening so that they can participate when they repeat the dream and they will know exactly how to act.
The other, negative side of the coin is expressed in dreams about fallen angels, the lost paradise and bats hanging upside down from a tree.

Broken glass
Broken glass is a recurrent theme. Like the breaking of glass in the night of crystals.

Dreams: bats, heaven, competition, battles, fights, war, fallen angel, large penis, beer, DNA, Neanderthal, aboriginal, 94, blood in mouth, between heaven and earth, green sea, blue sky, radar, comets with tails, flashes of light, radioactivity; repeating, first time observing, second time participating.
Delusions: being stretched out and very tall, isolation, northern lights.
Irritability: primitive aggression.
Mood: alone, empty.
Sexual: primitive male sex.

Desires: pork, raw meat, blood, ham, fat.
Physical: <<< radioactivity.

Cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, Hodgkin, brain tumours, leukemia.
Virus infections, AIDS.
Genetic defects, congenial diseases.
Headache, forehead, shattering.
Eyes burning.
Thyroid: enlarged.
Lung complaints: fibrosis, narrowing of the blood vessels, cancer.
Vomiting, diarrhoea.
Bone marrow affections.