Jan Scholten

6.10 Platinum

Platinum is a well known remedy, especially with respect to haughtiness, dictatorial behaviour and sexuality. But the Group analysis will bring out some more aspects: their sense of responsibility, their religious feelings and their sense of failure (Julian 1979, 1981).

The name is derived from the Spanish word ‘plata’, meaning small silver. It was discovered in the 16th century and its chemical symbol is Pt.
Platinum is very hard, unyielding and corrosion resistant. It only reacts with Fluor. It is used in weights and measures, in electronic gadgets, precision instruments and laboratory beakers.
It is is also used as a catalyst in many chemical reactions, amongst others in the catalyst converters of car exhausts.


Stage 10 Gold series

Summit Ultimate Centre Leadership Management
Success Shining Organisation Structure
Self evident Responsible
Independent Noble Serious Heavy
Haughty King
Balance Power Dictatorial
Rigidity Dignified Haughty
Alone Isolation
Failure Hurt
Religion Sexuality
Ripe old age
Land Eyes Vision

Self-evident leadership: a natural leader.
The noble emperor.
Summit of power.
The centre of power.
Shining as a powerful leader.
It is lonely at the top.
Success makes you haughty.
Responsibility has created success.
The arrogance of power.
Directing successfully.
A master leader.
Rigid organisations.
Hurt if they can’t shine.
The ultimate dictator.
Failure through rigid power.
Picture of Platinum metallicum

Essence: the ultimate power: emperor.

A natural leader
These are the natural leaders. The radiate self confidence and they know they are going to get the organisation up and running. Their authority attracts other people and they become the centre of the group without being questioned. They have no problem taking on the sole responsibility of a large organisation.

Success through taking responsibility
They are good leaders and they know how to steer the organisation in the right direction. When they are in charge the business flourishes. The are the noble king whose reign brings prosperity to all his people. The are at the top of their leadership career and they exude a natural authority.
The Taj Mahal is a good example of Platinum. Its blinding beauty leaves you in awe of the sheer perfection of such a building with all that marble and all those jewels. It was built by 20.000 labourers over a period of 20 years during the reign of one of the great moguls.

The arrogance of power
But success can be the cause of arrogance and these people can become the ultimate example of haughtiness. The have reached the top and they are head and shoulders above the ordinary people in every sense of the word. They may become very disdainful of all lesser mortals.
There are several rubrics in the Complete repertory (Zandvoort) that indicate this state of being: they have the delusion of being taller or bigger, delusion that others are mentally much inferior, that all objects are much smaller, that passages are too narrow, that their legs are very long.

The ultimate dictator
They can also be very dictatorial. They no longer feel that they are the humble leader, instead they imagine they are the almighty representative of God Himself. They have no qualms about handing out a death sentence wherever necessary. They become more and more obsessed about trifles, everything has to be done exactly according to their wishes. If one of his minors wants to do it differently they get furious because it offends their pride as a king. Thus their organisation tends to become more and more rigid. But at least that way they won’t have to keep telling people how it should be done and the organisation will more or less run itself.

It is lonely at the top
Because they are far above the ordinary crowd they gradually lose contact with the normal world. They become estranged from other people, even their parents are considered to be rather inferior, he doesn’t really want to be associated with them anymore.

Offended when they can’t shine
They have to be honoured and respected at all times. They can feel terribly offended when their minors don’t treat them with due respect. It is an offence that carries the death sentence. They won’t lose sleep over sending someone to the gallows or ‘insulting’ behaviour.
The summit of sexuality
Sexuality plays an important role in their life. The continuous sexual arousal of Platinum is well known. It reminds us of a king and his harem. He deserves to have many wives and even more children.
But they may also show the other side of the coin: sexual frustration or frigidity. One example is the problem of vaginismus. One of the reasons why they make reject any form of sexual contact is that they feel too superior to make contact with an ordinary mortal, let alone go to bed with them. Another reason why they might not want to have sexual contact is that they feel they have failed in their leadership. They haven’t been able to manifest their royal power, so they can;t have a royal harem or a wife.
Sexuality is very important to them because it is just about the only way in which they can make contact with ordinary human beings. Analogous to this theme is the fact that Platinum only reacts with Fluor, where Fluor stands for sexuality.
In the Complete repertory we find many rubrics related to this theme: ‘adulterous’, ‘ailments from, excitement, celibacy, being unmarried’, ‘amativeness’, ‘ailments form sexual excesses’, ‘ailments from sexual excitement’, ‘amorous disposition’, ‘dreams, amorous’, ‘dreams, lewd, lascivious’, ‘delirium, erotic’.

Being the focus of religious power
Religious feelings also play a large role. They feel intimately connected to their religious power and consider themselves a representative and executor of God’s plans. In the Complete repertory we see: ‘anxiety; salvation, about, hell, of’, ‘delusion, devils; possessed of’, ‘delusions, religious’, ‘despair, religious’, ‘godless, want of religious feeling’.

Failure through rigid power
They don’t often fail, because they have an inborn aptitude or leadership. The people around them sense this natural power they exude. But their dictatorial behaviour may cause these people to turn against him. Their greatest pitfall is rigidity. They have become so isolated and far removed from the reality of ordinary people that they don’t realise when change is needed.
Or they might feel superior but are unable to make it come true. ‘Strange how other people don’t realise how great they are!’. Their outer weakness is compensated by inner illusions of grandeur, by murderous impulses or by sexual fantasies.

Fears: heights, falling, future, murder, being murdered, death, suicide, heart disease, stroke, insanity, people, crowds, religion, devil, God, blood, giving birth, being hanged, strangled, pointed objects, conscience, ghosts.
Dreams: heights, falling, erotic, coition, lascivious, battles, competitions, fights, quarrels, war, business, dead people, foreign countries, death, troubles, embarrassment, fire, offence.
Delusions: superior, alone, noble, proud, being under supernatural powers, talking with spirits, being superior, tall, swollen, rich, others being small, everything is too narrow, alone in the world, abandoned, well known places seem strange, people are devils, possessed by a devil, devilish, black people and object, doomed, cut in half, gruesome, fire, war, death, dead people.
Irritability: quarrelsome, angry malicious, cruel, hatred, furious, < offended, < contradiction.
Haughtiness: (3!), disdainful, religious, self love, rude.
Mood: critical, changeable, moody, cheerful, dancing, laughing, singing, ecstatic, extravagant, flourishing, pompous, unashamed, hysterical, slimy, excited, bored, courageous, audacity, indecisive, cowardly, restless, hurry, impatient, indifferent, gloomy, suicidal.
Mental: intelligent, fantasies, absent minded, confused, dull, rigid, confuses ideas and objects, empty, forgetful, insanity, mania.
Contacts: <-, -> alone, <- relatives, partner, own children, <- caresses, <- consolation, < conversations, estranged.
Religion: idealistic, godless, delusions.
Sexual: strong, lascivious, obscene, kisses everyone, -> anal sex, -> little girls, nymphomania; <- opposite sex, vaginismus, jealousy, feminine men and masculine women.
Work: <-.
Professions: king, leader, director, manager, president, chairman, captain, mayor, bishop, top sportsman or woman.
Causes: disaster, hurt, humiliation.

Type: male, dark hair, overweight.
Locality: right.
Weather: cold; > open air; < cloudy; < dry.
Desires: alcohol, drugs, bread, sweet, meat, cold water.
Aversion: meat, eating.
Food: < drugs, coffee, bread and butter; > eating, < fasting.
Menses: < menses, < pregnancy, < during and after giving birth.
Sleep: sleeplessness (3).
Physical: < rest, < sitting, < lying, > walking, > motion, < dark, > pressure, > rubbing, < touch, > spreading legs apart.

Weakness, nervousness and restlessness.
Pains: boring, contracting.
Sensations: swollen, blown up, heavy, full, band, numb, thread.
Glands swollen, inflamed, indurated. Abscesses and necrosis.
Paralysis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis. Shocks and twitching. Neuropathy.
Epilepsy, clonic, tonic, tetanic. No feeling. Cancer.
Face swollen. Trembling < anger.
Eye complaints: inflammations, lateral, red, visual disturbances, far sighted.
Lung complaints, asthma.
Heart complaints: high blood pressure, infarction, failure.
Congestion of blood.
Pulse: too fast, too slow, full, weak, irregular.
Problems with testes and ovaries: inflammations, cancer, cryptorchism, sterility, amenorrhoea, metrorragia.
Kidney infections.
Affections of bones: necrosis, inflammation. Problems with knees.
Eczema (Dreisbach).
DD: Gold series, Stage 10.
DD Iridium: wants to take on the leadership but is afraid he will just miss it. Something will go wrong at the last moment. Platinum is a born leader and he is put in a position of power as a matter of course.