Jan Scholten

Names: Veronicaceae; Antirrhinaceae.
DD: Boron, Phosphor, Silver series, Lanthanides.
Botany: Lamiales; cosmopolitan; temperate; herbs, shrubs, aquatics; leaves spiral to opposite, simple to compound; no vertical partitions in the heads of the glandular hairs; flowers unisexual, 4 to 5 merous, polysymmetric, two-lipped; fruit a capsule.

They have the feeling that they have many talents; that they are special and should be respected and honoured for their achievements or for who they are. They are very talented, refined, sensitive and autonomous. They know what they want. They want to live their own life.
They are very friendly; they have and want many friends and connections. They are very creative, bright and independent and have strong ambitions, but they are too impulsive so that their talents don’t often flourish, do not get an expressed in the world.