Jan Scholten


A strong theme is that of fragility, brittleness. The feel they can break easily. This is also the case for the wood of the Coniferae, which is soft and less durable than that of Angiospermae. The wood of Gymnospermae has a chemical structure which is different from Angiospermae. In some plants like Metasequioa the wood is so brittle that the tree breaks in many parts when it falls down during lumbering.
This theme arises from the contradiction between being very strong and convinced at one hand and lacking an inner foundation on the other hand. They are strong, rigid in their opinions as having a strong emphasis of the Silver series. They feel special, the representative of the king or even God, so they feel that they know what has to be done and that they are entitled to do so. But they lack the inner power, the inner core where the motivation is coming from. They follow the king but do not understand the king. They miss the inner knowledge of going to their own inner world that the Angiospermae get from the Lanthanides.

Sensation: fragile, vulnerable, brittle.
Weather: chilly.

Stomach: dyspepsia, < eating, too much.
Skin: dermatitis; warts.