Jan Scholten

English: Lopseed family.
Botany: Lamiales; 11 genera, 190 species; worldwide, western North America, Australia; calyx tubular, toothed; stigmas with two lamellas with sensitive inner surfaces, that close together on contact with a pollinator; fruit a capsule, dehiscent, septicidal.
Paulowniaceae: 3 genera, Brandisia, Paulownia, Wightia.

In the Apg3 classification Phrymaceae is a Family in Lamiales. In the older taxonomies the members of Phrymaceae have been placed in other families of the Lamiales. Phryma was in Verbenaceae, Mimulus in Scrophulariaceae. The old genus Mimulus has been split in many genera.
In the Plant theory Verbenales is split off from Lamiales. Phrymaceae is in Subphase 6 in Lamiales. Paulowniaceae is included in Phrymaceae, Subphase 6.