Jan Scholten

665.66.00 Pedaliaceae
English: Pedalium family; Sesame family.
Botany: mucilaginous hairs, stems and leaves feel slimy or clammy; fruits with hooks or horns. Both families are characterized by having mucilaginous hairs, which often give the stems and leaves a slimy or clammy feel and often have fruits with hooks or horns.
Use: Sesame is the source of sesame seeds.

In the Apg3 classification Pedaliaceae is Family in Lamiales. Pedaliaceae was formerly placed in Scrophulariales. Trapellaceae is included in Pedaliaceae.
Cronquist included the family Martyniaceae in Pedaliaceae but phylogenetic studies have shown that the two families are not closely related.
In the Plant theory Verbenales is split off from Lamiales. Pedaliaceae is in Subphase 6 in Verbenales.

They feel like an outcast, set aside from society. They feel they have strong creative qualities and talents, but they are ignored or not accepted. Their autonomy is threatened due to lack of power and money.

Want to have pleasure, cannot find or reach it.
Inclination to focus on material things.
Forcing an opening when they are closed.
Feels dead after disappointment.
People burying themselves, happy.

Weather: < change of weather, < storm.

Stomach: dyspepsia; ulcers.
Abdomen: gallstones.
Limbs: pain, tearing, joints, muscles, tendons, upper limbs; < motion; arthritis, rheumatism, gout; ankylosing spondilitis.