Jan Scholten

English: Broomrape family.
DD: Fluorine, Phosphorus, Silver series, Lanthanides.
Botany: 90 genera; 2000 species; temperate; Eurasia, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, tropical Africa; herbs, shrubs; holoparasitic or hemiparasitic, parasitic, semi-parasitic; lack chlorophyll; yellowish, brownish, purplish, or white; leaves fleshy, sessile scales; flowers in racemes or spikes or singly at the apex of the slender stem; placentation parietal; fruit capsule, dry, dehiscent, 1 locular; seeds minute, endospermic, wind dispersed.

In the Apg3 classification Orobanchaceae is a Family in Lamiales. In the older taxonomies the members of Orobanchaceae was a small Family in older taxonomies. Quite some members of the former Scrophulariaceae have been transferred to this family, for instance Euphrasia.
In the Plant theory Verbenales is split off from Lamiales. Orobanchaceae is placed in Subphase 7 in Lamiales, being a family of parasites and half parasites.