Jan Scholten


They feel they cannot belong to others. They think they will be left alone, rejected or betrayed. Due to that they do not want to commit themselves. This leads to a vicious circle of being left alone and non commitment. Their contacts are short lasting. They still have a strong need to belong to people and so can lure people into relationships, especially erotic, sexual contacts. Typical is the one night stand. This can lead to destruction of families as their partner often cannot tolerate the adultery.
They often do not have stable relationships as they do not want to commit. They do not want to get children as that will limit their freedom to do what they want. They do not want to take responsibilities. They feel life is too short to be serious. It is better to have fun, to take the most out of life as possible. They like parties, dancing, music, sex, drugs, rock and roll.
They prefer a life full of joy, without family and children, with many parties, drugs, pleasure and sex. It is like living as if every day is the last of their life. It is the lifestyle of young adults, students. Some people like to stay in that state forever. Most people afterwards commit themselves to one person, start a family and find a job.
They always want to look bright, happy, funny, rich, as if they have all the success of the world. But it can give an artificial feeling. Underneath they feel alone, excluded, left out and often bad. They have lost the ability of being a family member, to adapt to a community or family. In the extreme they can be narcissist, even psychopathic, having lost the empathy, the human quality.

Self worth
They want to be respected and valued. But they often have the feeling of not being good. They have done too many sins. They feel there must be something wrong with them that people leave them, cheat and betray them.

They have a tendency to mislead others to get what they want. They can be misleading, seducing, cheating, enchanting, betraying, seducing, luring, flirtatious, trapping, luring, intoxicating and bewitching. They want to see life as a game, something not serious. They like to play instead of taking responsibility. They like to have fun and sex, instead of founding a family. They can be like teenagers thinking they can get away with deception, thinking they know everything.
On the other hand they can feel guilty for what they have done. or what others have done. They can feel they have to redeem the mistakes made by humankind.

Desire: party, play, games, fun, laugh, joy; enchanting music, dance; drugs, alcohol; Carnival, Venetian masks; on a stair to heaven; money, glamour.
Joy in the midst of destruction and death.
Deceit, trickery, cheating.
Dealing wounds of others; relatives, < wounds of war.
Sexual, sensual, erotic, trickery, seduction, whores, geisha, big boobs, brothel, promiscuity, one night stands; sexual games, orgy, lack of love; prostitutes.
Getting away from humanness.
Giving oneself up, surrender to bliss, beauty, in procreation, reproduction, birthing.
Indifferent to be ruined, insanity, being in rags.
Lack of responsibility for family, wife and children; home wrecker; aversion being a parent, mother; outsider position, stepparent; teenage pregnancies.
Anger, rage, fury, contempt, screaming, < being rejected, betrayed, cheated.
Sad, depressed, hopeless, disgust, < being rejected.
Apathy, indifference, dull, stupefied, drugged, bored after having seen it all.
Mimicking animal state; between plant and animals.
Memory problems.
Spiritual, developing one’s own individuality.
Cold, hard, harsh, analytical, calculating, planning, untouchable, in control, focused, strong will power.
Competition, jealousy.
Decadence, degradation, disgust.
Fear: threat, destruction, war, death, disease, conflicts, discords, fights, rejection, exclusion; poverty.
Delusion: body bursting in blood and pus and decay, after deliveries, sins.
Delusion: being dark, bad, as if there is something wrong with them; shame, guilt, sins; rape, abuse; being drown in, dragged down in a spiral endlessly, in hell, Satan, Hades.
Central emotion: enthralled, hypnotised.

Sensation: whirling eddy, twisting, sinking, disappearing, gentle rocking, lulling to sleep, welcoming.
Weather: cold.
Desire: alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
Sleep: sleepless.

Infection: Aids; chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes.
Vertigo: dizziness, spiralling down counter clockwise.
Nervous: epilepsy, chorea.
Lungs: cough; bronchitis.
Abdomen: pain, cramping, > stool.
Male: testicle problems; infertility.
Female: menses painful, cramping, bloated; infertility; ovaries atrophy; < menopause; < ovariectomy.
Limbs: hand, feet problems, injuries.
Skin: dermatitis; itching.