Jan Scholten

English: Olive tree family.
French: Oleacees.
DD: Phosphor, Silicon, Sulphur, Silver series.
Botany: 29 genera; ± 600 species; mesophytic shrubs, trees, vines; tropical, subtropical and temperate climates; Southeast Asia, Australia.

In the Cronquist system Oleaceae was placed in Gentianales. Oleaceae has also been placed in Scrophulariales and its own Order Oleales. In the Apg3 classification Oleaceae is a Family in the Order Lamiales.
In the Plant theory Oleaceae is split off from Lamiales. This does not affect the monophyly of both Oleaceae and the rest of Lamiales, as Oleaceae is the first diverging lineage in Lamiales. Oleaceae is placed together with Rubiaceae in Rubiales in Phase 4 of the Lamiidae. This has been done after long consideration as it seems to form a paraphyletic clade. In older classifications Oleaceae and Rubiaceae have been placed in several Orders, as they were seemingly difficult to place. The basic conflict of Oleaceae of family versus love is directly pointing to Phase 4 and Subphase 6 though. Oleaceae is placed in Subphase 6 in Rubiales.