Jan Scholten

644.25.00 Ochnaceae
English: Wild plane family.
Botany: 53 genera; 600 species; trees or shrubs, rarely herbs; subtropical to tropical; South America; evergreen petiolate leaves, sometimes leathery, simple and alternate, sometimes racemose, paniculate or more rarely pinnate; hermaphroditic.
Medusagynaceae: 1 species, Medusagyne oppositifolia.
Quiinaceae: 4 genera: Froesia, Lacunaria, Quiina, Touroulia; 50 species; neotropical.

In the Apg3 classification Ochnaceae is one of the Families in Malpighiales. Quiinaceae and Medusagynaceae are closely related to Ochnaceae and can be included in Ochnaceae
In the Plant theory Ochnaceae is treated in the same way and placed in Subphase 5.

They readily have a feeling of being excluded, even if they adapt to the family and the community. They feel half tolerated even when they have denied their own being and personality. In their marriage they feel unloved despite how much they have adapted. It feels unfair.