Jan Scholten


The story teller.
There is a strange mix of impulsiveness and rigidity. On the one hand they have very fixed ideas and opinions, being quite sure of themselves. On the other hand they can be very impulsive and change easily what they want and say. On the one hand they feel part of the group, having a stable position there and on the other hand they feel like someone who cannot handle his own position independently.
Often they live in isolation, having no relationship or family. They can make contact quite easily but it is more difficult to maintain relationships. In their presentation they are quite exuberant, they can make a big impression on others in the beginning. But after a while others often get the impression that it is only a show, very beautiful and refined but lacking substance. They present themselves and the world as a paradise, beautiful, full of happiness and surprises. Others are often intoxicated and charmed by the beautiful stories. But later they can feel cheated, betrayed, misled into a world that does not really exist, that exists only in the mind of the storyteller.
They have a tendency to forget reality. They feel limited by the normal routine world.

They have an artistic tendency and quality. They like beauty and want to be special. They also like to be seen as special, to be admired. In this aspect they look very much like the Silver series.

They tend to fascinate others in order to get the admiration and attention of others. They can make beautiful things. And they can tell fascinating stories, sometimes real, sometimes exaggerated and sometimes even fake. It is like a fragrance that they have around them, that works as a kind of spell on others. Especially when they lack the talent to be outstanding, they can try to compensate that by making big stories. They make a show outside to hide their sensitive, tender inside. They can radiate beauty.

They can be loquacious. When they have the feeling of having the attention of others, they can enjoy it very much and like to speak continuously. But they do not speak hastily. It is even more the opposite, they like to speak slowly so that their words get more loading and will attract more attention.

Their stories can become like an intoxication, as a kind of poisoning. This can be for others but also for themselves. They feel poisoned or fear being poisoned. It is an enchanting quality, benumbing, fascinating with stories. They make things more beautiful, enlarged, bigger. It is like the Sirens enchanting and promising paradise to Odysseus and his crew, who cannot see clearly anymore.

Their feeling of having to be special can also lead to arrogance, haughtiness. This can be the more so when they come from a family of higher social class, where they were raised with the feeling that they were special. Underneath can be feelings of inferiority, but an arrogant inferiority.

Male dominance
The arrogance can be connected to male dominance. As a man they can feel more special. Or as a woman they can have the feeling that not enough praise and attention is going to them.

They want to be appreciated, seen as special and be given special careful attention. If they do not get it, it can be like an insult for them. They feel very easily hurt and insulted. In those cases they can be very irritated, harsh and theninsulting.

They can have a strong sexual desire. Sexuality is very much connected to being special and beautiful. Sex can give them the feeling of being respected. On the opposite side they can have a diminished sexual desire, especially when sex is connected with being dirty or bad. Idea of purity, virginity and the like can block the vital aspect of sexuality. In cases of adultery they can feel extremely humiliated.

They are very sensitive, to smells, noises, people. Their nerves are often affected. They have a tendency to neuralgia, with shooting, electric pains, in the arms, face, teeth and legs. Or they can have the opposite of feeling less or nothing, with numbness and tingling.

Elated, high spirited, religious feelings.
They feel central in the system, which gives them safety but also responsibility for it; they keep on working for the group, as the special person.
Longing for paradise, a naïve thought of happiness and stability.
They talk clearly but slowly, every word has its own importance.
They are enchanting and then after a while you get irritated.
Haughty, feeling superior, pride.
Anger, rage, fury, held in or expressed, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, insulted, degraded, subordinated.
Sad, depression, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Apathy, indifference from having the feeling that one’s goals cannot be attained.
Reaching, longing for connection, others.
Desire for beauty, art, music, dance, literature, science, philosophy.
Desire: spirituality, meditation, sacred feeling of the world.
Sensitive, soft emotional, loving, less technical, live for the day.
Obstinate, suspicious, harsh.
Cherishing; mild.
Harsh; insulting.
War and peace.

Sensation: wooden, light and rigid; pricking, stitching, shooting, prickling, tickling, tingling, numb, raw, burning; enlarged.
Weather: > open air.
Desire: coffee.
Food: > coffee; > drinking.
Physical: > lying; > urination; > pressure; < menses.

Infection: inflammation.
Nervous: neuralgia, shooting, electric pains, arms, face, teeth and legs; numbness, tingling; paralysis; proprioception, kinaesthetic sense lost.
Head: headache, dull, frontal.
Nose: rhinitis, sinusitis, hayfever; obstruction.
Throat: pharyngitis and laryngitis; voice can become hoarse or lost.
Lungs: asthma; bronchitis; pneumonia; tuberculosis; cough, with or without expectoration; sharp chest pains.
Male: epididymitis.
Female: menses painful, absent, frequent, profuse.