Jan Scholten

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, abbreviated as MS, can be treated with Lanthanides, especially the phosphoricums of the Lanthanides.

Multiple sclerosis has the following symptoms:
- Paralysis.
- Myelin destruction.
- Eye symptoms.
- Urination problems, bladder paralysis.
- Cause: auto-immune, vaccinations?, mercury (amalgam) teeth fillings?
- Marijuana ameliorates.
- Cheerful and optimistic, euphoria.

The following connections can be seen:
- Paralysis: Silver series or Gold series.
- Myelin destruction: Phosphorus.
- Eye symptoms: Gold series.
- Urination problems, bladder paralysis: Silver series or Gold series.
- Cause auto-immune: Lanthanides.
- Cause vaccinations: Lanthanides.
- Marijuana ameliorates: Lanthanides.
- Cheerful and optimistic: Phosphorus.

Multiple sclerosis only occurs in the western world. It is hypothesized that the cause might be vaccinations or mercury teeth fillings. The high level of (self-) control in the European culture can also be seen as a factor.
The myelin contains phosphates.
Marijuana is known to have a palliative effect on multiple sclerosis. Marijuana, named Cannabis indica in homeopathy, is a relaxing substance and offers a reduction in the tense feeling of the Lanthanides. The relaxation of marijuana can be felt as a freeing from the constant tension.
The cheerful and optimistic side of MS patients is very well known. It can be seen as a way to keep contact with others (Phosphorus), to be nice and not to be treated as an outcast.