Jan Scholten

644.65.00 Moraceae
English: Mulberry family; Fig family.
Botany: 40 genera; 1000 species
Content: rubbery milk.

In the Plant theory Moraceae in Subphase 5. Moraceae are mostly trees.

The basic theme is that of working together with people, wanting to have good relationships and combine that with values and morals. The morals can enhance the relationships, bringing empathy, sharing and love. This is often connected to a religious group, a church with a doctrine. But the morals can also disturb the relationships, trying to force them into rigid schemes of values and rules.
It can lead to orthodox, strict religious villages, where every deviation is talked about and seen as something very bad. This is expressed in the dream of sitting on a toilet and everyone sees them. The normal natural sides have to be hidden because they do not fit the rules and morals.
On the one hand they have the desire for expansion of Phase 5. They want to see, hear and do more. They feel too limited in their surroundings. On the other hand they feel they might become an outcast if they follow their enthusiasm. They might be seen as bad, dirty and ugly in that case, the Phase 6 aspect. This dilemma can express itself very easily in religion, where one has to conform to the rules of the religion with the threat of becoming an outcast.

Values and morals are dominating relationships, love and communication.
High moral, rules.
Religious, belonging to religious groups, churches or sects.
Guilt feelings, anxiety of conscience, delusion having committed a crime.
Mild, sympathetic, empathic, loving, sweet.
Desire: freedom, flying, lightness.
Dream: animals, insects; accidents; conspiracies, crimes, pursued, mutilation; churchyard, toilet.

Sensation: griping; cramping, pressing, compressed, pressure from all sides, compacted, condensed, dense; load, heavy, burden, weight, oppressed; limited, confined, bound, curbed, restrained, imprison; vise.
Weather: > open air; < in house.
Desire: whipped cream, salt, apples.
Physical: > motion, movement.

Head: headache, dull, pressing, stabbing.
Nose: obstruction, rhinitis.
Face: eruption, scurfy, herpes, corners of mouth.
Abdomen: pain, cramping, compressing.
Rectum: diarrhoea, dysentery.
Limbs: pains, cramping.