Jan Scholten


Migraine is strongly connected with the Lanthanides and more especially with Samarium. The typical thing of migraine is that it occurs to people working under stress, in their head. In migraine it’s as if the controlling system is overloaded, under too much pressure. Too much pressure is typical of Stage 8. The head system is typical of the Gold series and Lanthanides. The modalities can be seen in the same way, as an avoidance of stress and using the head. Everything has to go: light, noise, work and conversation.
The head as such is connected with the Gold series. A leader is also called “the head”. And in the head most controlling systems can be found: nervous system, central hormonal system.
The terms headache and migraine are often used a bit loosely. The definition of migraine is vague.

Migraine has the following symptoms:
- Headache.
- Visual disturbances: scotoma, partial loss of vision, flickering, flashes of light, colors.
- Nausea and vomiting.
- Bursting, pulsating.
- Electromagnetic field goes through the head at the beginning.
- < Light.
- < Noise, < conversation, < company.
- > Lying, > rest, < exertion, < pressure.

The following connections can be seen:
- Head: Gold series.
- Visual disturbances: Gold series.
- Bursting, pulsating: Stage 8.
- Electromagnetic field goes through the head: Lanthanides.
- < Light: Gold series.
- < Noise, conversation: metals.
- > Lying, > rest, < exertion, < pressure: Stage 8 among other Stages.

The connection between Samarium and migraine is a clinical experience that came to be understood later. It’s typical that in the Samarium cases the migraine is the main complaint. In other Lanthanide cases the migraine or headache is often a side or secondary complaint.
There is little need to say that not every migraine patient needs Samarium. Samarium can be seen as a central remedy for migraine. Satellites of Samarium like other Lanthanides, other remedies from the Gold series and other Stage 8 remedies can be indicated too.