Jan Scholten

6.12.2 Mercurius dulcis

Mercurius dulcis could also be called Mercurius muriaticum, as it is really the chloride of mercury. But there is another type of mercury chloride, i.e. Mercurius corrosivus. The difference is that in Mercurius corrosivus the mercury is bivalent in HgCl2, whilst in Mercurius dulcis it is monovalent in Hg2Cl2. One might think the latter should be written as HgCl, but it appears that the mercury still makes two connections, even if it is monovalent: Cl-Hg-Hg-Cl, like a short chain. Another name for this compound is calomel, which means beautiful (kalos) black (melos).


Mercurius Muriaticum

Disturbance Broken relationship
Tyranny Mother Child
Conservative Care Nurturing
Anti revolutionary Attention
Division Self pity
Suspicion Attention seeking
Manipulation Sadness
Igniting Alone
Anti social

Conflict between leadership and motherhood.
leadership and having to be a good mother.
A dominating and suspicious mother.
Reproducing power in or to be cared for.
Using care in the fight against decline of power.
The heavy task of being a mother.
Protecting in order to preserve care.
Regarding your mother as an enemy.
An artificial mother.
Decline of power leads to self pity.
Decline of power leads to anti social behaviour.

Picture of Mercurius dulcis
Essence: being a leader and having to be a good mother.

Being a leader and having to be a good mother
They are very ambitious and want to reach a high position in society. They like the praise and the respect that goes with the job of manger, they like to feel special. But they also want to be a good mother and give their children the best care. They have to be the perfect mother.
Conflict between leadership and motherhood
But they often want too much and they can’t do everything they had in mind. Their managerial position takes up so much time that there isn’t much left for running the house and taking care of the children. They may ease up on their work to be able to spend more time with the children, but then their work may suffer and they might get the feeling that their lucrative position is at risk. They are afraid that someone else who has more time to devote to the job might take over. This threat makes them irritable towards their colleagues or towards their children. But they try to keep their anger inside, nobody is allowed to see what goes on inside them.

A very dominating and suspicious mother
They have often had a mother who was very ambitious herself. She may have had to give up hope of reaching a managerial position for the sake of her children, so she often took her frustration and anger out on them. By insisting on strict rules and enforcing them with almost tyrannical behaviour she tried to create as much time for herself as she could. If the children tried to escape from this straight jacket the mother considered it as an act of rebellion. Or the mother may have tried to manipulate and bribe the children with care and kindness to do the housework for her.

Regarding your mother as an enemy
This kind of situation has often led to a hostile relationship between mother and child. The child regards the mother as an enemy because instead of care and attention they only receive tyrannical rules. Another reaction is that the child may take on the care for the rest of the children in order to free her mother from this heavy task and to get her approval in this way.

Decline of power leads to self pity
When their position does get undermined they become irritable, which they don’t show. They express it by manipulation the people around them to try and keep matters under control. If they don’t succeed they start to complain, get depressed and even become suicidal. They feel offended and want to go away, they are not interested in taking are of whoever needs it.

Fears: heights, falling, murder, being murdered, death, suicide, heart disease, stroke, insanity, crowds, people, religious, salvation, conscience, devil, God, alone, water, danger.
Dreams: heights, falling, water, sea, waves, drowning, children, mother, disease or death of friends and relations.
Delusions: superior, alone, mania.
Irritability: irritable < offence.
Mood: haughty, complaining, sensitive, emotional, gloomy, suicidal.
Mental: absent minded, confused, forgetful, rigid, insane.
Professions: king, leader, director, manager, president, chairman, captain, mayor, bishop, top sportsman or woman.
Causes: disaster, hurt, humiliation, loss of family and mother.

Type: male, dark hair, overweight or thin.
Locality: left.
Weather: cold; > open air; < cloudy, < dry, <> sea.
Perspiration: easy, < exertion: stinking.
Time: < 3 am and 11 pm.
Desires: alcohol, drugs, bread, sweet, cold water, salt, starch.
Aversion: meat, eating.
Food: < drugs, > eating, < fasting.
Menses: < menses, < pregnancy, < during and after giving birth, swollen and painful breasts before menses.
Sleep: sleeplessness (3), difficulty falling asleep.
Physical: < rest, < sitting, < lying, > walking, > motion, < dark, > pressure, > rubbing, < touch.

Weakness, nervousness and restlessness.
Pains: boring, contracting.
Sensations: swollen, blown up, heavy, full.
Mucus membranes dry.
Glands swollen, inflamed, indurated. Abscesses and necrosis.
Paralysis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis. Shocks and twitching.
Epilepsy, clonic, tonic, tetanic. No feeling. Cancer. Cerebral haemorrhage.
Headache. Face swollen. Trembling < anger.
Eye complaints. Disturbance in vision, trembling eyelids.
Throat infections (3).
Heart complaints: high blood pressure, infarction, failure.
Congestion of blood. Cerebral haemorrhage, anaemia.
Breasts (3): painful, swelling, inflammation, nodules, cancer.
Pulse: too fast, too slow, full, weak, irregular.
Constipation, stools hard and dry.
Problems with testes and ovaries: inflammations, cancer, cryptorchism, sterility, amenorrhoea, metrorragia.
Affections of bones: necrosis, inflammation.
Nose colds with watery coryza.
Skin eruptions, on chest and arms, red spots << sun.
DD: Silicon series, Gold series, Stage 11 and 17.