Jan Scholten


They want to be seen as special and unique but are too dependent and unsure of themselves to really go for it. They feel undervalued, subordinated, unappreciated or rewarded for their work. They have a tendency to stay in the background because they feel unsure about their talents. They can get into positions where they are the supporter, coach or attendant of a famous and successful person.
They can feel undervalued as a woman, not treated equal to men, given a lower salary and being more dependent on men.
They have a problem with their self-worth. They know they are unique and deserve to be treated like that. But on the other hand they are unsure about themselves, so they cannot really stand up for themselves. They fight for equal rights from theoretical motives but lack the inner strength to just take their stand.

Anger, frustration, < being too dependent, being unappreciated, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, insulted, degraded, subordinated.
Sad, depressed, < unable to show their special, interesting and unique talents, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Feminist, < male dominance, < men showing off, extravagant, taking all space.
Fragile, vulnerable, unsure.
Nervous trembling, < speaking, < on stage; shaky pride.
Apathy, indifference from goals not reached.
Reaching, longing for connection, others.
Desire for beauty, art, music, dance, literature, science, philosophy.
Desire: spirituality, meditation, sacred feeling of the world.
Refined, subtle, sensitive, soft emotional, loving, less technical, live by the day.

Vertigo: dizzy, floating, ungrounded.
Female: infertility; labour problems, < narrow pelvis.