Jan Scholten

654.11.00 Lythraceae
Botany: 31 genera, 620 species; herbs, some shrubs and trees; worldwide; leaves usually opposite, flowers have petals that emerge from the rim of the calyx tube, crumpled in the bud; many-layered outer integument of the seed; valvulate calyx; grouped vessels in wood; seed coat with many-layered outer integument; petals crumpled in bud.

Lythraceae is a Family in Myrtales in the Apg3 classification.
In the Plant theory it is treated in the same way and placed in Subphase 1.

They want to be special and be treated as someone special, by their family, the people at their job, the people in the city where they live. For them it is just a fact that they are special and they cannot understand that others do not see that. Although they have a strong need for contact and love, they easily give up when they are treated as a normal person, when they are taken for granted and just used for running the household. They give up when their relationship ends up as just sex instead of being a loving and caring relationship where there is interest and admiration for each other.
They prefer beauty over normal life. They have a strong aesthetic sensitivity and desire culture and refinement. They have an aversion to rudeness, war and violence. As women they hate male violence and rudeness.

They can have a kind of monomania. They feel that their ideas are the correct ones and do not even consider the possibility that they might be wrong or even just have one view among many.

A normal routine job does not suit them. They have to do that for money and earning a living. But their heart is in art and creativity. If they cannot get such a job they do it as a hobby, as an amateur. They often lack the perseverance to make their art into a real job with an income.

They often come from a family with traditions, with a cultural background. Or they feel special and cultural oriented but misunderstood in their normal, working class family. They can have a tendency to live alone as no-one else understands them. They can also go on with their family life but have an extramarital affair that gives them the necessary love, respect and admiration.

They have a problem with their self-worth. They know they are unique and deserve to be treated like that. But on the other hand they are unsure about themselves, so they cannot really stand up for themselves. They fight for equal rights out of theoretical motives but lack the inner strength just take their stand.

They feel an outsider, as if they are from a lower class; they feel that they have to find a place in the system.
Unappreciated, as a human being, as a woman, as an intelligent person.
Idea that men are so showy, extravagant, taking too much or even all the space.
Nervous trembling, like someone who speaks out loudly at a gathering for the first time.
Desire to be creative, artistic, scientific.
An impulsive, naïve pride.
Feminist, < male dominance.
Loquacity, likes to tell stories, theatrical.
Interiorisation of power of moral law.
Strong moral feelings, forbidden, taboo.
Spontaneity and sexual desire inhibited, suppressed.
Problems with womanhood; bound by children.
Conflict between family life and career.
Theme: celebration, party, ceremony, ritual, parade, adornment.
Desire: art, ballet, music, dance, light, floating; ballet dancer; adoration, admiration.
Aversion: images and stories of war, violence, rudeness, animals maltreated.
Desire to dream away in a world of peace, joy, a paradise, away from the hard reality.
Ailments from labour, the painful, rude and animalistic side of it.
Anger, rage, fury, held in or expressed, < too many demands, being rejected, humiliated, insulted, degraded, subordinated.
Sad, depression, < being rejected, having failed, being unloved, humiliated, degraded.
Apathy, indifference from having the feeling that one’s goals cannot be reached.
Reaching, longing for connection, others.
Desire for beauty, art, music, dance, literature, science, philosophy.
Desire: spirituality, meditation, sacred feeling of the world.
Sensitive, soft emotional, loving, less technical, take life a day at a time.
Lack of success in art or science, due to insecurity, lack of money.

Sensation: crumbled, curled up; humming, sizzling; trembling contracting.
Weather: > open air; ! flushes of heat, < night.
Time: < night; < full moon.

Nervous: neuralgia, shooting, electric pains, arms, face, teeth and legs; numbness, tingling.
Eyes: vision yellow, diminished.
Nose: rhinitis, sinusitis, hayfever.
Throat: pharyngitis and laryngitis; voice can become hoarse or lost.
Lungs: dyspnoea; cough studied, < tickling; asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis: cough, with or without expectoration; sharp chest pains.
Stomach: empty, hollow; heavy; nausea.
Rectum: diarrhoea.
Male: epididymitis.
Female: menses early, late, painful, absent, frequent, profuse; milk scanty, copious; infertility; ovary problems.