Jan Scholten

English: Lilium Subclass.

Liliidae is the third Subclass of the Class Lilianae, Monocots.

1. Alismatales: they feel that they have to get a place in the system.
2. Dioscoreales: they have a place but they feel they have to fight for it, or get overwhelmed in it.
3. Pandanales: they have a place but it is unsure, they get confused whether to follow their own impulse or those of others.
4. Commelinoids: they feel central in the system, which gives them safety and they responsible for it.
5. Asparagales: they feel part of the system but think of leaving as it does not give them enough love and respect.
6. Liliales: they have their place, they do a lot but then they feel it is too much, that feel they are being used.
7. Orchidales: they feel that will lose their place in the system, or that it will collapse.