Jan Scholten


They have a strong desire to achieve. They want to be someone special who is acknowledged by society for his success. Their drive in this is strong and expansive.
This is combined with a desire for many connections and friends. They like to meet people, learn from them and love them. They are very open to new developments and cultures, they like to travel and discover the world. That gives them the feeling that they have more possibilities and will have more chances for success.
The problem is often that they want too much, too much of everything, family, friends, lovers, children, culture, studies, sports and spirituality. It cannot be done in a short time and thus they easily get overstimulated, strung-out. They get exhaust themselves.
Added to this is their desire to develop themselves psychologically and spiritually. They have an inner knowing that the outside world maybe is beautiful, interesting and giving a lot, but that it is worth nothing without having an inner world and inner values.
Another problem is that they want to keep up an image of being perfect. They want to be the successful artist or scientist, they want to be important and renowned in society. For that purpose their dark sides have to be overcome, controlled or suppressed. This tendency can get into conflict with their tendency to discover themselves.

Open, friendly, communicative.
Artistic, cultural oriented.
Interest in science, music, literature, dance.
Hobbies: sport, dancing, going out.
Nervous, excited.
Ailments from being limited, held back; over stimulation.
Fear: disease, death; being unloved, unappreciated, rejected.

Sensation: stimulation; pricking, as from many fine needles.

Energy: exhaustion.
Nervous: trembling.
Lung: asthma; bronchitis; pneumonia.