Jan Scholten

633.46.08 Introduction
They work very to fulfil all the demands of their family and spouse. They can easily get overworked with the feeling that it is never enough. They feel that work is never finished, which expresses itself in dreams of being busy impossible tasks, where they have to do numerous things. They can feel used and abused, but this never leads to questioning the situation. They just feel it has to be the way it. They have to support their family and spouse.

Lively, vivacious, singing.
Speech is fluent, eloquent, flowing, making a speech.
Attractive clothes and jewelry.
Anger, < being excluded by her elder siblings.
Many friends.
Persecuted by a curse.
Inherited defects in the family.
Fear: losing his mind.
Profession: sales executive.
Dream: she is spinning yarn, marked her yarn with red wool.
Dreams: anxious; visionary.
Colour preference: 3C !.

Sensation: numb; pinching, wedge.
Type: nervous, sanguine; light complexion; right side.
Weather: > warmth, of bed.
Time: < 1, 7, 9 am, 7 pm.
Aversion: meat.
Food: < coffee; > warm drinks, food.
Physical: < lying down; > walking.
Sleep: distressing, < all kinds of images; sleepless.

Head: enlarged, < least noise; pain, splitting, as a wedge, right side, extending down to jaw; vertex launched, extending upwards; scalp painful, sore, as if hair was standing on end.
Eyes: pressed out, < headache; pressed together; vision grey rings, yellow spots, obscure, < sitting, reading, > walking.
Ears: cold air rushing in it.
Nose: ! pinched bridge; nostrils pinched together.
Face: yellow; sweaty; circumscribed red cheeks.
Mouth: toothache, < coffee, > warm drinks, food; teeth feel loose, < closing teeth.
Throat: sore; dry, worse night; swollen; sore spot, itching, < swallowing; hoarse.
Lungs: tuberculosis.
Heart: circulation affected.
Chest: sensation of heat, bubbling and boiling around heart region, rising to head.
Back: !! torticollis, nape as if dislocated; neck stiff, maddening pain, rheumatic, drawn to one side, < headache; chilliness between the shoulder-blades.
Limbs: burning palms and soles; arthritis; muscles jerking.
Skin: body icy cold.