Jan Scholten


They have a lot of self-confidence, strength and endurance. There is little that would undermine their projects. They can achieve a lot with their enthusiasm, friendliness and power, especially in the fields of art, science and politics. This power is even greater due to their quality to leave everyone to their own power, in their autonomy.
They can come from a wealthy family, or have a great career as an artist or scientist, but they feel they are not valued, not acknowledged for their contributions to the culture. It makes them bitter and sarcastic. They can be snappish with a haughty quality. They feel superior and think others can never understand them. The idea that others could conceive more than they can is unimaginable. They know better and others should know that they know better.
It is the others who are the problem, the low people who think they can take over a high position.
It is a snobbish quality.