Jan Scholten

665.31.00 Hydrophyllaceae
Botany: 17 genera: ± 300 species; western United States; moist, shady rocks; small quantity of water is held in the cavity of each leaf; styles 2; filaments swollen at base.
Genera: Codon, Draperia, Elliasia, Ellisia, Emmenanthe, Eriodictyon, Eucrypta, Hesperochiron, Hydrolea, Hydrophyllum, Nama, Nemophila, Phacelia, Pholistoma, Romanzoffia, Tricardia, Turricula, Wigandia.

Hydrophyllaceae is a family in the Order of Boraginales in the Apg3 classification. It can be included in an extended Boraginaceae, then being the only Family in Boraginales.
In the Plant theory The Families of Boraginales are held apart, or otherwise said Boragnicaeae is split in its Subfamilies. Hydrophyllaceae is placed in Subphase 1.