Jan Scholten


Homeopathy is effective

Success rate
Can homeopathy cure everyone? In practice the answer is "no". In theory the answer might be "yes", but then many more remedies have to be discovered. This is so because every remedy can only cure its own disease. This is the consequence of the "law of similars", the basic law of homeopathy. It means that "like cures like". Or otherwise said "a remedy can only cure what it can produce as a toxin", because every substance in the world has toxic properties when taken in enough, it means that every substance is a remedy. So every plant, every mineral and every animal has healing properties, this in similar to its toxic qualities. The development of homeopathy is in the discovery of the healing (and identical toxic) qualities of minerals, plants and animals.

It is remarkable how often patients talk about the homeopathic remedies as wonder pills

One of the most impressive aspects of homeopathy is that it can cure chronic disease. This is a striking future compared with normal medicine. There we see that patients have to "live with their disease" and take medicines for the rest of their life. A good homeopathic medicine cures the disease and isn't needed anymore after the cure. This allows patients more freedom and independence. There is not only freedom from taking medicines, but the freedom is also felt emotionally. That is what patients will tell after a cure "I feel good again", "I feel my old self again" and "a burden has been taken away".
It is wonderful to see a chronic disease disappear, as if it vanishes into nothing. A problem that seemed insurmountable before, both for the patient and the doctor, just goes away. And afterwards it is as if it had never existed, the patient can even forget that he ever had it. That is why conventional medicine often denies a homeopathic cure, they will say that the disease never existed and the diagnose was false or a mistake.