Jan Scholten


They want to shine, to be in the centre of attention. They feel great and confident. They have the feeling that the centre of the family or the group of friends is their rightful place.
They have a strong ego but on the other hand they have the idea that there is something wrong with them, that there is a bad side. They try to do good anyway but even then they have the feeling of a shadow inside, although usually deeply suppressed. Due to that they need much confirmation of others, of friends and family. They like to hear that they are good people but it is difficult for them to believe it when people tell them they are good or even fantastic.

Need for integrity, integrating all aspects of themselves.
Delusion: lack of resistance, they need more resistance.
Father is important, is very present or lacking after his death.
The theme of the good father.
Hysteria. Morbid watchfulness.
Nervous erethism; extreme restlessness.
Ailments from physical intrusions, wounds, injuries, beatings, operations, vaccinations, drugs.
Ailments from mental intrusions, domination, humiliation, rape, incest.
Colour preference: 10B.

Sensation: bruised, beaten.
Weather: chilly; shivering from cold alternating heat; > mountain, < change from warm to cold.
Sweat: profuse.
Desire: drinks.
Physical: < motion, < least motion.

General: oedema.
Discharge: haemorrhages, ecchymosis.
Fever: influenza, < marsh; sinusitis, frontal.
Nose: hayfever; rhinitis.
Lungs: bronchitis.
Stomach: nausea vomiting.
Abdomen: liver sore jaundice; spleen problems.
Rectum: constipation; dysentery.
Urinary: cystitis.
Female: menses copious; miscarriage.
Limbs: pains bones bruised < lying on it; arthritis; gout; sciatica.
Skin: wounds; injuries; eczema.