Jan Scholten

Botany: trees and shrubs growing in subtropical regions and on the east coast of the USA as well as the east coast of Asia. Hamamelis virgiana and Liquidambar are the most well known members of this family.

Hamamelidaceae was included in and gave the name to the Hammamelidae in the Cronquist system. Hammamelidae is shown to be polyphyletic. Most members have been placed in Fagales in the Apg3 classification. Hamamelidaceae is included in Saxifragales. Altingiaceae have been excluded from Hamamelidaceae because inclusion made it polyphyletic as Cercidiphyllaceae and Daphniphyllaceae were not included.
In the Plant theory Hamamelidaceae are treated as including Altingiaceae, Cercidiphyllaceae and Daphniphyllaceae, which is a monophyletic clade. It is placed in Subphase 4 in Saxifragales. Hamamelis, the best known member, has a strong feeling of obvious respect, obvious indicating Phase 4, respect indicating Silver series.