Jan Scholten

6.4 Hafnium

Hafnium is an unknown remedy.

The name is derived from ‘Hafnia’, the Latin name for Copenhagen. It was discovered in 1923 and its chemical symbol is Hf.
It is a metal that absorbs neutrons extremely well, hence its use in the atomic industry and in the nuclear reactors driving submarines.


Stage 4 Gold series

Establishing Leadership Management
Opening Beginning Organisation Structure
Determining Official Responsible
Joining in Serious Heavy
Deciding Uncertain King
Amazing Power Dictatorial
Half Dignified Haughty
Alone Isolation
Failure Hurt
Religion Sexuality
Ripe old age
Eyes Vision

Establishing a new firm.
Establishing a kingdom.
The beginning of power.
Establishing your own power.
Starting a managerial job.
A half hearted director.
Failure at the start of the business.
Picture of Hafnium metallicum
Essence: the start of a kingdom

Establishing a kingdom
These people are involved in he start of a business, organisation, kingdom or society. They have been planning it for quite a long time, but now they are really going ahead with it. They officially announce the opening of their business and they fill in all the necessary registration forms. Or they sign the official declaration of independence.

Starting a managerial job
They start their career as a leader by taking on a managerial post. Because they aren’t used to all this power they don’t quite know how far they can go.

A half hearted director
They are afraid of getting too arrogant, that is why they try to remain on equal footing with their employees. They may get stuck in this half way position, on the one hand being equal to their employees, and on the other hand knowing they are higher up on the ladder. They can only assert their authority in a half hearted manner, they don’t take full responsibility and they don’t radiate enough self confidence to be taken seriously by their minors.

Failure a the start of the business
Because they are so uncertain about their leadership qualities things can easily go wrong. They are quite afraid of the unknown and of the future of the organisation, afraid they won’t be able to make a go of it.

Fears: heights, falling, murder, being murdered, death, suicide, heart disease, stroke, people, crowds, religion, devil, God.
Dreams: heights, falling.
Delusions: superior, alone; mania.
Irritability: < offended.
Mood: haughty.
Mental: absent minded, confused, rigid, insane.
Professions: king, leader, director, manager, president, chairman, captain, mayor,
bishop, top sportsman or woman.
Causes: disasters, hurt, humiliation.

Type: male, dark hair, overweight.
Locality: right.
Weather: cold; > open air; < gloomy; < dry.
Time: < night.
Desires: alcohol, drugs, bread, sweet, meat, cold water.
Aversion: meat, eating.
Food: < drugs, > eating, < fasting.
Menses: < menses, < pregnancy, < giving birth.
Sleep: sleeplessness (3).
Physical: < rest, < sitting, < lying, > walking, > motion, < dark, > pressure, > rubbing, < touch.

Weakness, nervousness and restlessness.
Pains: boring, contracting.
Sensations: swollen, blown up, heavy, full.
Glands: swollen, inflamed, indurated. Abscesses, necrosis.
Paralysis, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis. Epilepsy.
Headache. Face swollen. Trembling < anger.
Eye complaints: inflammations, visual disturbances, pterygium.
Heart complaints: high blood pressure, infarction, failure.
Injuries of the liver (Dreisbach)
Problems with testes and ovaries: inflammations, cancer, cryptorchism, sterility, amenorrhoea, metrorragia.
Affections of bones: necrosis, inflammation.
DD: Gold series, Stage 4.
DD Lanthanum: is still trying out his leadership here and there in a non committal fashion. As soon as things go wrong he is out of it. Hafnium isn’t in a take it or leave it situation anymore, he has signed the official contract for his position as a director.