Jan Scholten

Botany: 2 cotyls; tricolpate pollen, pollen with 3 sulci; 5 merous flowers, sometimes 4 merous.

Fabidae is a clade in the Apg3 classification, the first in the Eudicotyledons at a level above Order. The Eudicotyledons, also called Eudicots, is the main clade in the Angiospermae consisting of all the Angiospermae except the Amborellanae, Magnolianae and Lilianae. The first clades in the Eudicotyledons are the Orders Ranunculales and Proteales, followed by small Orders like Sabiales, Trochodendrales, Buxales, Gunnerales, Dilleniales, Saxifragales and Vitales. Then follow the big clades Fabidae, Malvidae and Asteridae.
In the Plant theory this is treated differently. Fabidae is a Subclass included in the Class Fabanae. Fabanae is consisting of the Ceratophyllidae, Ranunculidae, Protidae and Fabidae, plants at the beginning of the Eudicots.

1. Hydrogen series: Ceratophyllidae: retiring in a kind of autistic state to avoid the demands of the community and family.
2. Carbon series: Ranunculidae: conflict between the playful child and responsible adult.
3. Silicon series: Proteidae: conflict between friendship and lovers and the community.
4. Iron series: Fabidae: full village life.