Jan Scholten


They have a conflict between being normal and special. They vacillate between being just like ordinary men and being an individual. They have a conflict between being materialistic and money oriented on one hand and spiritual humanistic and idealistic on the other hand. They have difficulty choosing between adapting to society, the normal life and rules, obeying the authorities and on the other hand going their own way, living their own life against all conventions of society.
In this order there is a beginning of introspection. There is the start of recognising that one is part of the world instead of a split between them and the world. Projection of the evil in the outside world becomes more problematic. Instead it is seen inside, in the form of the shadow, the subconscious instincts and emotions but it is still quite vague, not well understood. They often still feel a victim of what is going on.
The advantage of this development is that they start to realise that the world is what they make of it. They can influence the world instead of being in a fight with the world. It gives them a glimpse of the creative power of man, an experience of the beauty of creation.
The problematic side is that they have to struggle with their dark side, their shadow. This is often quite threatening. The different families have a different strategy to control the shadow.
The plants of this order grow in woods as the understory. This is expressed in the theme of being modest. They are often people in the background. They do not like to show off, have a kind of timidity with the feeling that they do not really understand the world and do not have the power to control it. By staying in the background they hope to escape the big fights and to be able to take their little part of the universe.
They do not know if the communities will accept autonomous members.
They do not know if they can stay part of a community if one becomes spiritual.

Good parents, bad lovers.
Longing for freedom, not being able to reach it.
Angry, nasty, from being limited, by work, relationships, disasters, blaming others.
They feel being snowed under, not seen, not taken serious.