Jan Scholten

Botany: 2 genera: Diospyros, Ebena; 768 species; trees and shrubs; tropics, subtropics; poor or acids soils; symbiotic with a fungus providing mineral nutrients and water; rainforests; Malesia, India, Africa, America, Korea, Japan; fruits rich in tannins, high in glucose, balanced protein profile; adapted to high rainfall and humidity; leaves waxy, glossy, narrow, pointed-oval shape with a ‘drip tip’; aroma strong.
Use: resistant, rustic, ornamental; ebony wood; edible fruit.
Culture: flower from Persimmon.

In the Apg3 classification Ebenaceae is a Family in the Order Ericales. In older taxonomies it was placed in its own Order Ebenales.
In the Plant theory Ebenaceae is placed in the Subclass Ericidae, in the Order Sapotales, in Subphase 7.