Jan Scholten


The main theme is the conflict between relationships and autonomy. Any relationship can become a problem but it is especially in sexual relationships, partnerships. They feel they have to be loving and giving but they also want to keep their autonomy and freedom. They can easily feel too bound in a relationship. This can be aggravated by a domineering spouse. But it can also be enhanced by feelings of guilt, of being indebted to the other. They can feel that they have to give a lot as if there is something wrong with them, as if they have guilt towards the world and the other, like a kind of original sin they are born with. This can come from an education where they have been often told they were not good, that they were egotistical and egocentric. It can come from an upbringing in a religion that imprinted guilt feelings in their members. It can lead them to go into a monastery and give a lot to others and to God. They seek redemption for their guilt and debt feeling. This is coming from a spiritual feeling and a desire to be free.
In relationships they can be very passionate. But it also brings the fear that they will give themselves away and so lose their freedom and identity.

Theme: home, strange versus familiar; love.
Escape, colonise.
Changeable, hysteria, exaggerated.
Water imbalance.
Feeling desolate, strange.

Sweat: copious.
Sleep: disturbed.
Physical: > motion.

Nervous: spasms, cramps.
Lungs: suffocation; choking.